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If the wall is painted with poor quality paint, it will easily affect the indoor air environment and ultimately affect the health of residents. It can be seen that the importance of choosing wall coating. So, how to choose wall coating

1. Pay attention to the product packaging mark

qualified products. Its packaging must meet the following conditions: registered trademark; Product model and Chinese name; Product standard number (including type and quality grade); Net content; Name and address of the manufacturer; Production date and batch; Effective storage period (shelf life); Product certificate; Brief instructions and precautions, etc

2. The product quality should meet the relevant standards

in addition to the technical requirements of gb/t9756-2009 synthetic resin lotion interior wall coatings, the product quality must also meet the index requirements of the national mandatory standard GB18582-2008 "limits of harmful substances in interior wall coatings for interior decoration materials". Harmful substances in interior wall coatings will pollute the indoor environment and affect people's health. How to save money in decoration? On, free design budget quotation. Products marked with anti formaldehyde, clean taste and antibacterial should also meet the requirements of various indicators in jc/t1074-2008 indoor air purification function coating material purification performance, which stipulates the formaldehyde purification efficiency of this kind of functional coating ≥ 75%, lasting purification effect ≥ 60%。

3. The environment in which the paint is used

such as kitchen, bathroom and other moisture prone parts should choose waterproof, mildew proof and easy to wash paint. For other walls, paint with good decorative effect, fine coating, not easy to pulverize and certain scrub resistance should be selected

4. Pay attention to choosing brands

at present, there are many interior wall coating brands in the market. Consumers can choose imported or domestic well-known brands according to their own economic strength. Domestic well-known enterprises have relatively perfect quality management system, advanced production equipment, complete inspection instruments, and relatively stable product quality. At present, both foreign and domestic brands in the market are generally series products. Products produced by different brands and enterprises have poor comparability of price and quality, while products produced by the same enterprise, the higher the price, the better the product quality. Compared with domestic products, there is little difference in product performance, but the decorative effect is better than domestic products, and the price is relatively high

5. Distinguish between good and bad from sensory and hand feeling

the coating with good quality has no pungent smell after opening the can, fine and plump appearance, liquidity, soft color, high and uniform viscosity, good workability, and the coating film is flat and smooth after painting the wall. The inferior paint has pungent smell after opening the can, and the paint layering can be uniform only after mixing, especially the color paint often has floating color. Some paints have high viscosity, but have no fluidity, and the plumpness is poor, which is easy to produce brush marks during construction

6. Inspect the paint

you can check the inspection report of the interior wall paint and judge the quality of the product from the technical indicators. The technical indicators directly reflect the quality of interior wall coating. The main indicators are: contrast ratio (white and light color), scrub resistance, drying time, alkali resistance, low temperature stability, free formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOC), heavy metals (soluble mercury, lead, chromium, cadmium), etc. You can make a judgment according to the corresponding national standards, and make a comprehensive selection and comparison. Generally speaking, the inspection report of sampling inspection is more objective than that of submission for inspection, and the national inspection institution is more authoritative than the local institution

7. Pay attention to the shelf life

generally, the effective storage period of interior wall paint should be indicated on the outer package of goods. When purchasing, you must be within the warranty period of the coating. If mildew, condensation, caking, sedimentation, solidification and other phenomena are found after opening, it indicates that it has deteriorated and cannot be used again





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