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In order to enhance the international popularity of the company's products, improve the share of the European market, and expand the global customers' awareness of the quality of Weimai's products, the company decided to become the first EU " CE" At the beginning of 2011, we specially invited experts from Shanghai outao Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. to carry out a series of testing and training for the company. Under the leadership of sunlifu, the general manager of the company, Huang Haisheng, the senior assistant to the general manager and director of the enterprise management department, was the project leader. At the same time, Yu Yifei, the director and management representative of the company's quality control department, and relevant personnel of the quality control department participated in various work

" CE" The mark is a safety certification mark, which is regarded as the passport of the manufacturer to open and enter the European market. CE stands for conformateeuropeenne. Where "e; CE" The products marked can be sold in the EU member states without meeting the requirements of each member state, thus realizing the free circulation of goods within the EU Member States

this certification is aimed at the safety standard certification of our company's products. The certified products include the company's full range of products. The certified products will meet " CE" The building materials directive involved in the certification. With the efforts of the technicians and experts of the two companies, the products have successfully passed the testing of the National Laboratory, submitted to the EU certification authority for strict review, and successfully passed the EU "e in June 2011; CE" Certification

in the first half of 2011, the export volume of the company's products increased by more than 200% over the same period last year, and the export momentum is very good. Looking forward to next year, in " CE" With the quality assurance of certification and the continuous innovation of the company's products, our company's foreign trade export will certainly go to a higher level





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