Effect drawing of simple European style decoration

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For home decoration, there are many decoration styles suitable for the same house type, and the displayed effects are also very different, so many people will know their house type and various effects in advance to make a choice before decorating their new house. The decoration Editor takes radio and television Lanting era community as an example, and brings a set of simple European style decoration renderings. You can see whether this decoration is your dish

Community: Radio and television Lanting era

house type: three bedrooms and two halls

decoration method: all inclusive

decoration style: simple European style

decoration quotation: 100000-200000

decoration concept: the designer is very good at European style decoration. Compared with traditional European decoration, the main shrewdness of this design is to fully integrate the elements of modern style decoration, so that the overall decoration is refined but not greasy, and more modern

[effect drawing of simple European style decoration in the era of radio and television Lanting]

I wonder if this simple European decoration has moved you? If you like it, you can take it away directly. In addition, if you are preparing decoration, you can continue to pay attention, and you can also directly go to the decoration bidding to make an appointment with a decoration company that is satisfied with the decoration





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