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This year's No. 22 typhoon "Caihong" made landfall at 14:10 on the 4th along the coast of Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province. When it made landfall, the maximum wind force near the center reached force 15 (strong typhoon force)

this year's No. 22 typhoon "Rainbow" made landfall at 14:10 on the 4th in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province. The maximum wind force near the center reached force 15 (strong typhoon force) when it made landfall

affected by Typhoon "Rainbow", Hainan and Guangdong Pearl River Delta have experienced heavy rainfall successively. In addition, the strong attack of the typhoon not only brought a series of injuries to pedestrians on the streets. It will also have a very bad impact on the decoration and indoor furniture, so many people's balconies, sunshine rooms and sky gardens in their homes have become a mess, and even some people have been injured

houses in coastal areas are relatively low, unlike those built on high ridges in the mainland. Once a typhoon arrives, low-rise houses in coastal areas will naturally bear the brunt. In addition, the anti typhoon ability of houses is also closely related to doors and windows. Today's houses are mostly made of cement and steel bars, and their ability to resist typhoons has been greatly improved, and the only weak link is doors and windows

how can doors and windows safeguard the safety of their homes in the face of the "havoc" of typhoons

first, high-quality choice, high-quality enjoyment

whether aluminum alloy or plastic steel doors and windows, as long as they are regular manufacturers, reliable quality and reasonable installation, they can ensure disaster prevention ability. Most of the doors and windows damaged in the typhoon are fake low-quality plastic steel doors and windows or aluminum alloy with insufficient thickness. Therefore, when buying doors and windows, customers must not casually find a hardware store to make things cheaper. They should identify well-known brands of doors and windows and ask professional door and window merchants to issue detailed plans and determine the materials. This can not only ensure the product quality of doors and windows, but also protect the safety of home. Why not

second, regular maintenance, prevention in the first place

the choice of high-quality doors and windows is important, but a series of protective measures before the typhoon is also indispensable. Before the typhoon, be sure to close the windows and doors tightly and check whether the locks are secure. It is best to plug the window sash with towels to prevent rainwater from entering. In addition, household inspection should pay special attention to whether the glass glue is aging; If it is aged, it should be replaced in time. Many people fail to take precautions due to negligence, resulting in damage to doors and windows, and some will hurt people. If the typhoon is fierce and the doors and windows show signs of being scratched, don't rush forward hastily and control them artificially. Instead, step back and avoid them. Wait until the typhoon is over, and then find a professional to maintain them

third, rest assured balcony, calmly face the

when the typhoon finally strikes strongly, the most important thing to pay attention to is the balcony door. The balcony is mainly built for rest and entertainment, but when the typhoon comes, the balcony has become a "battlefield outpost", and a little carelessness often leads to the situation of "window damage and injury". Therefore, the balcony door is often the weakest link of the whole house. The leading model of aluminum alloy doors and windows -- youzhiya doors and windows. High quality balcony doors should not only have fashionable and beautiful shapes, but also have strong resistance to wind and rain attacks. Whether it is anti-theft or windproof, the balcony door can "calmly face" and guard a comfortable and safe home





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