Brazil will use Japanese technology to build a hug

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Brazil will use Japanese technology to build a huge offshore platform at a cost of 3billion yuan

Brazil will use Japanese technology to build a huge offshore platform at a cost of 3billion yuan

July 21, 2014

[China paint information] according to Kyodo News Agency 711 The plunger of the oil pump rusted on August 20. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will hold talks with Brazilian president Rousseff on August 1. The draft of the joint statement of the heads of state of Japan and Brazil also exposed the contents of the sample slip case in the experimental process in advance. The draft proposes that in order to promote the development of undersea oil fields in Brazil, the two sides will build giant offshore platforms using Japanese technology. The draft also states that in order to strengthen the industrial foundation of Brazil's shipbuilding industry, the Japan International Cooperation Agency will start training talents for Brazil within this year

it is reported that Japan and Brazil will establish relevant institutional HRH systems to enable Japanese enterprises to contribute to Brazil's economic growth and promote the development of bilateral relations. The two heads of state will put forward in the statement to fully expand economic exchanges B. move 6 screws at both ends of the beam; Stream

it is reported that the giant offshore platform is a floating relay facility, which is used to transport personnel and materials to the seabed oil field drilling site. It can take off and land helicopters and accommodate high-speed ships. According to Japanese government sources, the offshore platform considered for use in Brazil is about 300 meters long and 100 meters wide, with a total cost of more than 50billion yen (about 3billion yuan). Brazil ranks 13th in the world in terms of crude oil production (2011), and most of it is produced from undersea oil fields

according to the draft statement, the giant offshore platform is expected to "contribute to ensuring the safety of technologies related to the development and production of offshore oil in Brazil and reducing costs". The draft also stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation between the two countries at the non-governmental, academic and administrative levels in order to develop marine resources

the draft also states that "the talent training level of Brazil's shipbuilding industry will be improved in both quantity and quality", and Brazil "will adopt Japan's practical shipbuilding engineering management and construction methods". According to Japanese government sources, Japan will send experts to Brazilian shipyards for technical guidance. The Japanese government believes that the joint efforts of the two countries in the shipbuilding field "are not only economic cooperation, but also help to strengthen friendly relations"

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