Brazil invents a new method for recycling reinforc

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Brazil invents a new method for recycling reinforced packaging materials

eight researchers from the Institute of technology Parana in Brazil recently jointly developed a new method for recycling reinforced packaging materials, and have filed a patent application

the strengthened packaging made of paper, plastic and aluminum foil is increasingly used in the packaging of food and drugs. Although the reinforced packaging materials have the characteristics of corrosion resistance and fresh-keeping ability, the structural characteristics of such packaging make their recycling a headache, and their quantity in the landfill is increasing day by day. The new separation technology adopted by researchers makes it possible to adopt advanced control technology to strengthen the classification and recycling of packaging materials. They recycle the three components in the packaging through a special chemical solvent. For casting composite materials, the premixed carbon fiber and resin are immersed in this solvent for two and a half minutes, and the plastic, aluminum and paper in the packaging materials are layered. Then, the three layers of components were separated manually and the residual components were removed under high pressure. 2. The experimental motor brain could not use the online solvent, and the three substances could be easily classified and recycled. This solvent is very effective for any kind of paper, PVC plastic or polyethylene

this technology is not only applicable to the packaging of recycled milk 4 and fruit juice after equipment testing, but also to thinner packaging such as salt, vacuum coffee and eggs. It is reported that at present, researchers are still in the process of cost estimation. The commercial production of this solution has not yet started, but the cost of using this technology will not be very high. It is not difficult to find the raw materials of the solvent

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