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The third set of three wastes combined unit of Yanshan Petrochemical was completed CCCC on November 30, another environmental protection device of Yanshan Petrochemical, the three wastes combined unit, was completed CCCC. This is the third set of three wastes combined treatment unit of the company. It is expected that after the unit is put into operation, "Therefore: "The food industry's annual increasing demand for fresh crops, total solvent treatment capacity and total sulfur recovery capacity can fully meet the production requirements for further upgrading the quality of gasoline and diesel fuel in Beijing.

it is reported that the third set of three wastes combined unit consists of solvent regeneration unit, acid water stripping unit and sulfur recovery unit. After the unit is started, with the existing three wastes treatment unit, the company's sulfur recovery design capacity will reach 202000 tons/Year. The production of the device can not only effectively reduce the sulfur content in oil products, but also meet the requirements of higher standard gasoline through the controller of the computer system of the electronic universal experimental machine. Moreover, the solid sulfur quality produced by the device can fully meet the requirements of GB grade I product index, so as to achieve a win-win situation of environmental protection and economic benefits

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