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Application of new technology of nano modified epoxy sealer Liandao bridge

Application of new technology of nano modified epoxy sealer Liandao bridge

November 23, 2007

Qiandao rainbow, the construction of Liandao bridge, and the mainland Liandao project under construction in Zhoushan are accelerating the construction process. The new technology of "nano modified epoxy sealer" used by it is the first application on super large bridges in China. Nano modified epoxy sealer is a kind of low viscosity two-component ring modified by inorganic nano materials. Both of these two coupling agents can improve the compatibility between filler and resin. Oxygen type laminated tightening mechanism refrigerant, in which the particle size of nano phase of inorganic nano materials is less than 100nm. Due to the chemical bond between inorganic nano materials and epoxy resin interface, a dense polymer complex can be formed, which makes the paint film more dense and greatly enhances the ability to resist the penetration of corrosive media; At the same time, the addition of special substances can make it form phosphate passive film with excellent corrosion resistance with metal coatings such as aluminum or zinc. Therefore, nano modified epoxy sealer has good adhesion and strong corrosion resistance, which can effectively enhance the effect of anti-corrosion coating

Zhejiang Zhoushan mainland Island linked industry market has further improved the cooperation of modified plastic, which is composed of five super long-span sea crossing bridges and their connecting lines. Due to the harsh geographical environment where the project is located and the corrosion problem is particularly prominent, the comprehensive corrosion control of the bridge must be paid great attention to. According to the characteristics of the existing anti-corrosion coating systems of steel bridges at home and abroad, the research group has successfully developed a new arc sprayed nano modified sealing coating by combining nanotechnology with sealing coating through repeated experimental research for nearly two years. The performance of the coating is significantly better than that of the epoxy sealing paint currently used at home and abroad. And the coating has good compatibility with epoxy intermediate paint and polyurethane topcoat, significantly enhanced adhesion and good durability. The "arc sprayed aluminum + nano modified sealer + acrylic polyurethane finish" coating system designed by the research group to further improve the market cooperation of modified plastics has comprehensively considered the coating adhesion, corrosion resistance life, decoration and economy. It is estimated that the new coating meets the requirements of the anti-corrosion life of the superstructure of the sea crossing bridge for more than 50 years, and has a good prospect of popularization and application

the Zhoushan mainland Island connection project connects Zhoushan Island and Ningbo with five sea crossing bridges, with a total length of about 50 kilometers. Since September 1999, Cengang bridge, xiangjiaomen bridge and Taoyaomen bridge of the island connection project have been started successively as local projects in Zhoushan City, and have been completed and opened to traffic by 2005. Since the construction of Xihoumen Bridge and Jintang Bridge, they are also progressing smoothly according to the established goal of completion in 2009. Based on the completion of the erection of main cable strands and cable tightening construction in the first half of the year, Xihoumen Bridge is focusing on the erection of 126 steel box girders. By November 15, 105 steel box girders have been erected, and it is expected that the whole bridge will be completed within the year; At present, the two cable towers of the main navigable span bridge of Jintang Bridge with an elevation of 210 meters have entered the upper tower column construction. By November 15, the pouring height of the two towers has reached more than 150 meters and 160 meters respectively, and 71.75% of the work quantity has been completed. On October 14 this year, the new technology of "nano modified epoxy sealer" was first adopted in the all-round closed anti-corrosion coating of Xihoumen Bridge Steel Box Girder of Jiangsu Zhongkuang Dazheng project department, which is also the first new technology adopted on super large bridges in China

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