90% of the hottest emulsion paint is qualified

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90% of latex paint is qualified

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the third quarter random inspection released by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine today shows that the sampling qualification rate of domestic latex paint products has reached

90%, an increase of 9 percentage points over last year. The contents of free formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds

(VOC) and heavy metals in most products sampled are within the safety range specified in the standard

the synthetic resin lotion interior wall coating in this spot check is commonly known as "emulsion paint", and the sampling qualification rate is 90%, which is 9 percentage points higher than that in the spot check last year

in view of the behavior that individual latex paint products falsely use the green product mark without inspection and certification, authoritative experts remind that,

consumers should try to buy environmentally friendly latex paint that meets the requirements of national standards and has met the technical requirements of environmental labeling products,

when checking the quality, they should look, smell and rub three times to see whether the paint has sedimentation and caking, smell whether the paint has odor and

irritating smell, Finally, paint the coating on the cement floor. After the coating is dry, scrub it back and forth with a wet cloth to see if the coating will be damaged

the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China has announced two latex paint manufacturers and products with poor quality: Zhongya paint (Shishi) Co., Ltd.

the people's house brand of the company and Jiangyin mayor Jing Feihong paint factory

according to the spot check, the latex paint brands with better quality include "love" of Shunde China Resources coating Co., Ltd., "Jiabaoli" of xinhuijia

Baoli Chemical Co., Ltd., "bards" of Zhongshan bards Chemical Co., Ltd., "artilin" of Shanghai domestic lithium ore extraction enterprise a

Dilan Industrial Development Co., Ltd., "crocodile" of Shanghai Shenzhen arigato coating Co., Ltd.

this spot check has been conducted in 13 provinces Municipalities directly under the central government, including Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other major latex paint production areas. The results show that the product quality of domestic enterprises with large production scale and certain popularity is better, while the product quality of small enterprises can be rolled up with more problems. This is mainly because many small enterprises, especially individual enterprises, lack technical strength, and the preparation of lotion cannot meet the standard requirements. For example, the standard requires that the washability index should be greater than or equal to 200 times, and some products

only 6 times

the spot check also found that some enterprises put the so-called "green product" logo on the

without relevant guarantee measures and without passing any inspection, misleading consumers

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