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In 2013, the global self-service publishing industry ushered in a golden era. At the Frankfurt Book Fair, which ended not long ago, self-service publishing received extensive attention from publishers and writers. This way of bypassing traditional publishing houses and publishing articles directly on the has given many ordinary people the opportunity to become addicted to writers. With the popularity of E-Reader Zeng Sijian, the head of Guangdong cultivated land fertilizer station, said in an interview earlier, self-service publishing has a broader world and has become a very popular publishing method in the United States in recent years. Foreign media commented that the golden age of Self Publishing is coming! However, this emerging field is obviously still in the primitive accumulation period. Due to its own limitations of low threshold, many chaos have occurred

Self Publishing in the United States has entered the golden age

after being asked to revise the title of the book 16 times by the publishing house, the American writer van Diken finally bypassed the traditional publishing house and published the novel "bet", which later ranked on the New York Times best seller list, through the self publishing mode. There are many writers like Van Diken who have succeeded in Self Publishing in the United States

the so-called Self Publishing means that the author not only creates independently, but also takes charge of the whole process of book publishing and listing, such as, printing, distribution, investment in publishing and sales. According to American times, the U.S. e-book market took shape around 2003, and self-service publishing also emerged at this time. Book authors can choose their own format, cover and marketing methods to publish books directly on. Around 2010, with the popularity of e-readers and the full connection of e-book creation, distribution and reading platform channels, self-service publishing entered the golden age

in the United States, the vast majority of people began to contact e-books and Self Publishing from Amazon's Kindle Reader. When Amazon introduced the Kindle Reader to the market in 2007, it vowed to take paid reading as the main source of profits. After quickly passing the electronic stage of traditional paper books, Amazon tried to build a Kindle self-service publishing platform, allowing authors to publish their own e-books directly on the platform. Driven by Amazon, physical bookstores or publishing institutions in the United States have begun to set foot in self-service publishing. Today, hardware equipment providers such as apple and Sony have also entered the field of self-service publishing

for authors, the process of dealing with, proofreading, art works and publishers is eliminated, and publishing works on the self-service publishing platform becomes extremely simple. Taking the American smashwords publishing platform as an example, the author simply arranges the version of the manuscript according to the format requirements, and then uploads it in the form of word text, and the platform system will automatically generate e-books. Smashwords stipulates that authors can price their works completely by themselves, or they can be read by readers completely free of charge

traditional publishing houses have a nightmare

according to the statistics of Bock, the United States has issued a total of 235000 self published e-books, an increase of nearly three times over 2006. At present, e-book sales in the United States have accounted for 25% of total book sales, and this proportion is still expanding, which makes some people constantly exclaim that self-service publishing is becoming a nightmare for traditional publishers

David canoy, executive director of American science and technology information, believes that compared with traditional publishing methods, self-service publishing has many advantages: first, the publishing cycle is greatly reduced; Second, it helps to show readers their original creation; Third, self-service publishing has greatly reduced the publishing cost, readers can pay less to read, and authors and publishing platform providers can also obtain more profits and realize three benefits. German female writer Karina barsi's self published love novel cherry red summer once ranked first on Amazon's best seller list. The price of this book on the Internet is only 2.99 euros, which is 1/5 of the general traditional paperback. However, she said that if books are published by publishing houses, writers receive only 5% to 12% of their remuneration, while as much as 70% of the income from Self Publishing goes to writers

in order to attract more excellent authors and win in the fierce competition with traditional publishers, different self-service publishing platforms are trying to launch more fresh services, or provide authors with more favorable profit space. Penguin's bookcountry self-service publishing platform stipulates that for e-books priced at more than $2.99, authors can earn 70% of the profits. Nook platform will increase the share of authors to 80%. At the same time, it also aims to build a broader and free creative space for authors

with the geometric growth of the number of e-books due to self-help publishing, a work must pay more attention to promotion and publicity, and even some necessary hype, if it is to stand out in the vast electronic library. Therefore, some self-service publishing platforms try to provide convenience for authors to promote themselves. Not long ago, nookpress platform began to launch chat service from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on five working days every week, providing a platform for real-time communication between authors and book friends

traditional publishers have joined the book grabbing war

the e-book market has developed rapidly in the United States, but it has developed slowly in Europe, especially Germany. Nevertheless, the self publishing model has also been established in Germany. The German e-book market is developing at a double-digit percentage. In the German e-bookstore Kindle shop, six to seven of the top 10 best-selling e-books are generally published by the author himself as a publisher

German female writer malawolf originally planned to follow the path of traditional writers. After being rejected by several publishers in succession, in 2011, she heard that the author could self publish books through Amazon, so she and her brother-in-law designed a cover for the magic love story moonlight legend, which she wrote, and uploaded it to the Internet together with the text. 45 copies sold in 14 days! Wolf said that 1500 copies of the book were sold during Christmas that year, and now tens of thousands of copies have been sold with new hydraulic oil

like the United States, Germany also has professional self publishing stations, such as booksondemand and so on. Traditional publishing houses have also joined the field of Self Publishing, hoping to take advantage of this trend to capture interesting books in the network. Doromore krauer publishing group, which specializes in leisure literature, has provided authors with the possibility of Self Publishing e-books through the neobooks network platform since 2012. The publishing group has also set up a reader community on the. Which books can be selected on the desk of doromore krauer publishing group depends on the number of likes in the comments. Fox Huber, the head of the publishing group, said that the publishing house has signed contracts with more than 50 e-book writers. In addition, in order to promote the self-service publishing industry, the Leipzig book fair carries out the Leipzig writer award competition every year, with a prize of 3000 euros. The award hopes to eliminate people's indifference to Self Publishing and provide guidance at the same time

Self Publishing has many problems

however, there are still many obstacles to the prosperity of Self Publishing. The low threshold of Self Publishing provides convenience for authors, but it also exposes some problems. Albertgreg, an expert at the Business School of Fordham University in the United States, said that one of the side effects of the low threshold for publishing books is that self-published physical books and e-books are all in a mess, and some publications may never appear. The phenomenon of plagiarism and even self plagiarism is also polluting this young industry

in addition, contrary to the freedom claimed by the advocates, self-service publishing has also set a dust ring. After just a few years of development, it has now shown a clear trend in North America, resulting in higher production costs and longer production time syndicate monopoly. According to statistics, by the end of 2011, there were only four companies accounting for more than 10% of the self-service publishing market in the United States. Monopoly led to the proliferation of these publishers' problems. A few days ago, authorsolutions, a self-service publisher in the United States, was sued by three authors who commissioned self-service publishing, claiming that they delayed the publication date, defaulted on due royalties, etc., and demanded compensation of $5million

for the author, although the publishing platform provides the author with a higher proportion of the book price, the real income obtained by the author is not necessarily more, because the price of published e-books is usually low, often around a few dollars. Therefore, only a few writers can really make money through self publishing

Schultz, a book publishing research scholar in Berlin, Germany, said that taking the German book market as an example, self publishing books are mostly so-called fast-food books, such as magic, detective, erotic novels, etc., and some in-depth books are not easy to self publish. Secondly, the annual sales volume of self published e-books also hovers around hundreds, and the overall expansion of sales is also a problem. Self Publishing also needs to take a complete path of mining good books, publishing and distribution. Schultz predicted that at present, traditional publishing houses are still the first choice for ordinary writers, but they will gradually change in the next five years

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