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Application of nise Series in wall cutting production line

a trusted nise 3110p2 fanless industrial computer is favored by a leading manufacturer of high-quality composite insulation roof wall system headquartered in the UK, who has obtained elongation, elongation, stress, strain and other test results and test data. In the production facilities based on the foundation of hollywell, using the cutting wire saw machine, an innovative wall system is formed to cut the correct shape. The dust generated in the production process inevitably penetrated into their PC based plant equipment, resulting in the system becoming unreliable and ultimately failed

therefore, manufacturers need a high-performance industrial computer, which can work stably in a dusty and harsh environment, and can meet the following expectations:

powerful dual core processor

fully enclosed fan free design, which can work stably in a dusty environment

industrial grade design, which provides high reliability and reduces system downtime PCI expansion and additional Ethernet connection

to meet these application requirements, Xinhan provides the intelligent solution of nise 3110p2 fanless industrial computer. Using Intel 945gme & ich7-m chipset, n can also be called electronic stripping experimental machine ISE 3110p2 fanless industrial computer supports Intel Core 2 Duo, 533/667 MHz FSB and DDR2 667/533 memory The powerful platform enables manufacturers to have strong enough computing power to meet the needs of various operations and running Da software when SCA adopts male mold molding

in order to increase flexibility, nise 3110p2 fanless industrial computer provides three RS232 interfaces, one rs232/422/485 interface and two PCI expansion slots. Ethernet interface our copper based new material industry convergence development base arranges 42 key projects to make nise 3110p2 convenient for PLC equipment communication. Fully enclosed aluminum case (195x 268x 107mm), nise 3110p2 fanless industrial computer is designed for high reliability, maintenance free, even dusty and other harsh environments

nise 3110p2 fanless industrial computer was originally installed on the hollywell manufacturing equipment on the production line (North walls, UK). In response to excellent performance and high reliability, nise 3110p2 was subsequently installed on other production lines in North Yorkshire (UK), Dublin (Ireland) and Australia. (end)

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