Application of the hottest NA400 in water treatmen

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Application of NA400 in water treatment

after the use of composite multi-layer material organization, overview

as a new urban sub center in Nanjing to reduce the accumulation of gas and coal dust, the economic development and urban construction of XX district have entered a period of rapid growth. With the rapid development of economy, the problem of excessive crystallization of traditional PA6 multilayer barrier film has been effectively solved in this area, and the environmental problem has become increasingly prominent. At present, most of the industrial wastewater and domestic sewage in the industrial park are directly discharged into the water body without treatment, seriously polluting the ground and underground water systems, affecting people's life and health, and restricting the development of the city. At the same time, people have higher and higher requirements for environmental protection. Therefore, the construction of sewage treatment plant has become a top priority

according to the urban planning, the scale of XX sewage treatment plant is divided into two stages: 40000 m3/d in phase I and 80000 m3/D in phase II. The whole production area has the advantages of coarse screen, lifting pump room, fine screen without adding other adhesives, swirling grit chamber, biochemical tank, sludge storage tank, sludge dewatering room, blower room, drainage pump room and other ancillary buildings. The process flow chart is as follows:

II. Control system design

system structure diagram

this system uses na400plc as the core of the control station, with a total of 6 sets, including 1 # biochemical tank, 2 # biochemical tank, 3 # biochemical tank, 4 # biochemical tank, blower room and lifting pump room. Each set of PLC is equipped with a touch screen, and NA400 is equipped with 485 ports. Modbus communication is directly carried out with the touch screen to realize on-site operation, which is convenient and economical

considering the long distance between control stations, the network transmission rate and bandwidth provided by optical fiber transmission are much higher than that of twisted pair. Optical fiber transmission is free from EMI, RFI, lightning and other interference, and fully meets the requirements of industrial network performance and reliability

na400 Series CPU is equipped with Ethernet port and optical switch to form tcp/ip ring, which saves communication module and is economical and reliable

the field control station communicates with the supporting field control sub stations of each manufacturer through the field bus, collects the field data, detects and processes the production process parameters such as water quality, flow, dissolved oxygen, liquid level, and electrical parameters such as current, voltage, power, and electrical quantity, and monitors and controls the working state of each production equipment

III. conclusion

na400 series PLC is widely used in major industries, with reliable performance and can meet various control needs. As a domestic medium-sized PLC designed and developed independently, the continuous improvement and perfection of product performance is bound to replace foreign products and become the pride of Chinese people in the near future. (end)

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