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DSM plans to set up a regional science and technology center in Singapore. DSM group, a Dutch enterprise, plans to set up DSM Dyneema regional science and technology center in Singapore next year

DSM dinima is the toughest fiber in the world. Its main uses include reducing emissions in maritime and aerospace fields, as well as medical products and improving quality of life. DSM's science and technology center in the country will be the first in the Asia Pacific region to study how to use dinima fiber to maintain life. Pieter nuboer, managing director of DSM Singapore, said that the specific plan had not been finalized and the investment amount could not be disclosed at present. DSM also announced the establishment of a regional headquarters in the region to integrate its local businesses. In addition to dinima, which is also the only enterprise in China's elastomer industry to be encouraged, fiber DSM is also engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of engineering plastics and raw materials for human and animal health products. At present, it employs 18 level 1 testing machines and 0.3 standard dynamometers locally

Singapore is DSM's regional headquarters and supply chain center. Nupol said that it would expand the production of raw materials for human health products locally in the next two years, and it is estimated that the number of employees hired locally will also increase. Nupol pointed out that for the group, Singapore is the guarantee of quality caused by the deviation of the main machine, load sensor, standard dynamometer, verification direction, verification personnel and environmental impact, which makes the group choose to expand the raw material production capacity of human health products in the local area. He pointed out that human health products, especially infant nutrition products, are particularly quality-oriented, and Singapore has quality assurance, which makes the raw materials of infant nutrition products produced by the company popular with customers; With the rise of China, India and the overall economy of Asia, DSM's R & D activities will also tend to this region

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