DSM will acquire kenseynash company of the United

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DSM will acquire Kensey Nash company of the United States to strengthen its biomedical business

· DSM will acquire the equity of Kensey Nash company of the United States in the form of all cash transaction at the price of $38.50 per share, with a total acquisition value of about $360million (about 275million euros)

as of the financial year in June 2013, Kensey Nash is expected to achieve net sales of $100million; EBITDA is US $36million

the equity acquisition quotation is 33% higher than the closing price of Kensey Nash until the destruction of the sample on May 2, 2012

Kensey Nash's board of directors unanimously recommended accepting the equity acquisition

and for the exposed parts, Kensey Nash is a leading enterprise in the field of renewable drugs and biomaterials research and development, with world-class production capacity, And a more accurate and powerful strategic partnership network

this acquisition is in line with DSM's strategy; At the same time, the 108 major reports will strengthen and put forward green development, circular development and low-carbon development for the first time, and put forward the business ability of improving DSM biomedicine. After the acquisition, DSM biomedicine will become DSM's new profit growth platform, and the transaction will realize revenue from 2013

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