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The world's first set of stamps printed on rice paper will be issued soon. The special stamp of "Chinese ancient calligraphy running script" scheduled to be issued on May 15 this year was officially launched in the printing workshop of Beijing Stamp factory on March 23. Unlike in the past, this set of stamps is printed on Rice paper

in order to carry forward the function of national business cards in inheriting Chinese civilization and promoting Chinese culture, the stamp printing department of China Post Corporation has started the development of stamp rice paper since 2008. In less than a year, the medium and long-term energy science and technology development strategy and development plan to 2020 were formulated. On the premise of maintaining the characteristics of manual processing in the whole process of traditional rice paper production, many key technological problems such as material selection and ingredients, pulping and papermaking, increasing anti-counterfeiting, coating gum, surface finishing and so on of stamp rice paper were overcome, and the printing suitability on the basis of maintaining the traditional characteristics of rice paper was successfully solved. The printing effect of the special stamp rice paper has met the requirements of printing stamps. The printed rice paper stamps have clear curtain print on the surface of the rice paper, maintaining the characteristics of the rice paper. The coating of back glue not only enhances the stiffness of the rice paper, but also makes the stamp rice paper have the characteristics of all stamp special paper

the stamp rice paper also adopts the fluorescent anti-counterfeiting technology with domestic invention patents, which makes the rice paper stamps have a strong anti-counterfeiting function and the effect of moderate visual particle size, and realizes the technical requirements of modern mass production printing with the traditional rice paper process. The printing of rice paper stamps takes modern industrial printing technology and traditional rice paper technology as the media, so that the ancient art of calligraphy and painting can be displayed in a square inch

the special stamps of "Chinese ancient calligraphy running script" issued at that time will be the world's first set of rice paper stamps

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