DSM completed the acquisition of Sony Ericsson DSM

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DSM completes the acquisition of DSM (DSM)

DSM completes the acquisition of the outstanding shares of dsm-agi

August 9, 2017

[China paint information]

Royal DSM of the Netherlands, a global science company active in the fields of health, nutrition and materials, announced today that the company has completed the acquisition of the remaining 49% shares of DSM, a joint venture, and thus obtained this innovative Full equity of high-quality and environment-friendly UV curing resin and other special chemical suppliers

on March 3, 2017, DSM made an offer to buy back the remaining issued shares of Sony Ericsson through an affiliated enterprise. The repurchase procedure has been completed, and Sony Ericsson has been delisted from the Taiwan Stock Exchange

in July, 2011, DSM acquired 51% shares of Sony Ericsson to strengthen the UV curing technology platform of DSM resin business department. Turning Sony Ericsson into a wholly-owned subsidiary is beneficial to DSM customers. According to the needs of the applied film, DSM should more effectively integrate the operation and management of Sony Ericsson into DSM's global organization. At the same time, by making full use of DSM's business expertise and R & D capabilities, XinLiMei is expected to strengthen its global competitiveness, so as to better respond to the current and future development trends of the industry

patrickniels, President of DSM resins and functional materials, said, "UV curing coating is the most drum shaped and sustainable coating technology in the market. Repurchasing the remaining issued shares shows that DSM is determined to establish a global leading edge in the field of UV resin after obtaining the market leader position in the field of clinical utilization of powder coatings and water-based resins. UV resin has a huge demand for high-performance, low ecological footprint and high-efficiency coating applications, including optical fiber coatings Applications. Using our leading position in the global market to promote the development of more sustainable technology has always been the engine for DSM to achieve growth, and it is also a significant driving force for industry partners to create the uncertain value of this sample according to national standards. "

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