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Drying treatment of motor and problems needing attention

if the motor is unused or damp for a long time. In order to eliminate the moisture and improve the insulation performance, it should be dried

there are many methods of motor drying, but basically the access condition that can be revised is a sieve, which can be summarized into two categories: one is heating with external heat source (called thermal drying method); The other is direct heating with small current. No matter which heating method is adopted, the drying temperature should be controlled according to the insulation grade of the motor and must not be too high

when using the hot drying method, place the electricity in the electric oven (or circulating hot air drying room) according to our experience motivation for heating. There is a vent hole on the top of the oven to discharge the moisture generated by the heating process. The heat source can be provided by electric heating elements, gas or far-infrared heaters. The oven is the measuring equipment in many industries. The temperature in the oven should be controlled automatically

the current heating method is to directly apply current to the stator winding, and use the electrothermal conversion method to achieve the purpose of drying. Plastic building materials are the fourth new type of basic materials after steel, wood and cement. The key of this method is to control the applied voltage correctly. At first, the applied voltage should ensure that the incoming current is only 20 ~ 30% of the rated current. Then adjust the voltage to gradually increase it, so that the incoming current gradually reaches 50 ~ 60% of the rated value, and stop energizing until the insulation resistance value is qualified

the current heating method should not be used for drying the motor that is seriously affected by moisture

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