DSM group announces the establishment of functiona

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DSM group announced the establishment of functional materials business department

Elgin, Illinois, USA (in April 2011, leffenhausel introduced how its digital business platform achieved the new standard of extrusion technology on the 19th) scope of application of life sciences and materials: the supplier DSM group announced the establishment of functional materials business department by analyzing 12 end factors with priority matrix

DSM said that this decision was made after "extensive strategic research" on the resin business as part of its high-performance materials business. DSM's desotechbusiness business department will be merged into the new business department

desotech business department, which specializes in high-performance UV curing materials, currently produces desolite optical fiber coatings and cablelite inks for telecommunications applications, as well as Somos three-dimensional carving materials. Its product portfolio also includes floor paint and corrosion-resistant coatings for pipes

DSM issued a statement saying that with the production line changes brought about by the development trend of personalized customization and other manufacturing industries, the materials business department will comply with the current market trend and produce more environmentally friendly and lighter materials

Henk jankoenen, head of DSM's functional materials business department, said: "sustainable development will continue to be the driving force of our company's innovation. From our product portfolio, DSM will strongly reflect its commitment to the business line based on 'mass, global environment and profitability'."

he added: "compared with the past, we will actively seek new cooperation and investment in the future, and further expand our business impact on the basis of our own strength."

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