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On November 18, 2006, the "full integration of a new generation of master control system" won the Anzhong science and technology award

the "Anzhong science and technology award of Zhejiang University" was presented for the first time. 35 science and technology projects that won the 2005 Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Award, including Wang Wenhai of the school of information of Zhejiang University, were awarded by the fund. Mr. Zhao Anzhong, chairman of Hong Kong ronghua Textile Co., Ltd., Zhang Weiwen, vice chairman of Zhejiang provincial CPPCC, and Zhang Xi, Secretary of the Party committee of Zhejiang University, attended the award ceremony and presented awards to the representatives of award-winning teachers

in May last year, xingqinyuan Education Fund donated 14million yuan and set up a special fund for "Anzhong science and Technology Award" at Zhejiang University to reward Zhejiang University as the first completion unit and the completion of scientific research projects that won the first and second prizes of Zhejiang Provincial Science and technology every year, with an annual total reward of 700000 yuan. In 2005, 9 scientific and technological achievements completed by Zhejiang University as the first unit, including "fully integrated into a new generation of master control system", won the first prize of science and technology of Zhejiang Province in 2006, and 26 scientific and technological achievements won the second prize of science and technology of Zhejiang Province

The award ceremony was presided over by zhangshiqiao, vice president of Zhejiang University. Mr. Zhao Henglong, Mr. Zhao Hengwen, his wife, Ms. Yang Yuling, and Mr. Zhao Anzhong's family and friends, as well as the heads of relevant departments and offices of Zhejiang University and the college, and representatives of teachers and students attended the award ceremony

the fully integrated new generation master control system is a high-end technical product in the field of computer and automatic control, which is formed on the basis of a number of national key scientific and technological projects and the accumulation of major special achievements in the industrialization of high-tech industrial automation, and after major technological innovation and breakthrough progress in the field of computer control systems. The new generation master control system represents the development trend of the control system. It is a new generation master control system integrating DCS, PLC, fieldbus and industrial network technology, and industrial control application software platform technology. It is a leading domestic and international advanced level

it is fully integrated into a new generation of main control system to realize the integration of process control, logic control and sequence control. The loop control cycle is 100ms and the logic control cycle is 5ms; Initiate the control of multiple hot standby redundancy; It has developed and realized the first domestic programming system with independent intellectual property rights that conforms to IEC and has been used for a long time. It is reported that the temperature (8.0-2.60 ℃) standard supports fbd/ld/sfc/st/il; The original intelligent conditioning technology of i/o module based on smart bus realizes the functions of i/o channel point-to-point isolation, point-to-point isolation, general input, arbitrary configuration, correction and so on, and adapts to the complexity of industrial field; The fieldbus data interception data stealing technology and transparent network management technology are developed

it is known that the products of this project are now industrialized. At present, more than 400 sets are sold and promoted. They have been used by many large enterprises, system integrators and industrial engineering companies, covering chemical, petrochemical, thermal power, building materials, pharmaceutical, food, paper and other industries. The annual growth rate in recent three years has exceeded 100%, and an annual production capacity of 400 sets/year with an output value of about 80million yuan has been formed

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