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Functional films are the general trend

as an indispensable material in the packaging field - films, including BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP, composite films and other films, are mainly used for the packaging of tobacco, food, drugs, light textile and audio-visual products. With the improvement of people's living standards and the acceleration of the pace of life, the demand for food, beverages, agricultural and sideline products, and agricultural chemical products has increased, driving the rapid development of flexible packaging. The output of flexible packaging film increased from 1.43 million tons in 2000 to 3.86 million tons in 2005, especially BOPP, BOPET, CPP films, which have developed more rapidly in recent years driven by higher profits. The output of BOPP film increased from 400000 tons in 2000 to 1.6 million tons in 2005; The output of BOPET film increased from 60000 tons in 2000 to 330000 tons in 2005; The output of CPP film increased from 80000 tons in 2000 to 300000 tons in 2005. However, due to the unreasonable structure of BOPP, BOPET and CPP film products and the blindness of going online, the supply of film products, especially some ordinary film products, is seriously oversupplied, coupled with the continuous rise of raw materials, making the profits of most production enterprises decline

in China's packaging market in the 21st century, products should not only have good mechanical properties, including tensile strength, tear resistance, impact resistance, etc. of materials, but also have excellent chemical stability. They should not have any chemical reaction with internal products to ensure the safety of internal products. In addition, they should have high temperature resistance to meet the requirements of high-temperature disinfection and low-temperature storage. In this case, the development of new varieties of packaging film is very active to meet the personalized needs of the market to the greatest extent. Due to the limitations of the material's own characteristics or price factors, the flexible plastic packaging has been born from the original single-layer film. Our technicians from Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. will take you to know the technical production that you need to know before using the metallographic polishing machine, and will develop into a multi-product, multi-functional composite packaging film

however, with the extensive use of flexible packaging films in food packaging, industrial packaging, household commodity packaging, clothing packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and other fields, the solvent emissions caused by the production of flexible packaging and the non degradation of waste flexible packaging products have brought a heavy burden to the environment. The country has also put forward more and more strict environmental protection requirements for flexible packaging materials, adhesives, inks and other products. A series of laws and regulations have been issued successively. The CDW (6) 0 impact test low-temperature tank series is a newly developed tightening mechanism cold equipment according to the requirements for low-temperature devices in gb/t229 (1) 994 "metal Charpy Notch Impact Test Method". At the same time, consumers have put forward higher and higher requirements for flexible packaging. When used to package food, drugs, daily chemical products, which are closely related to people's lives, the safety and non-toxic of flexible packaging is the most important requirement. Users in various industries have put forward strict standards for the selection of packaging materials, compounding and solvent residue control in the printing process. Under such a background, the soft packaging factory is forced to choose safer raw materials and production processes

in the interview, we learned that the raw and auxiliary materials used by China's soft bag factories, such as various plastic films, inks, solvents, etc., come from oil, and the rising price of crude oil has continuously increased the raw material cost of soft bag factories. Taking polyethylene, the main raw material used in the flexible packaging industry, as an example, the price of polyethylene in China has risen from a low of 5800 yuan/ton at the end of 2001 to 10600 yuan/ton at present, with an increase of more than 80%. On the other hand, most domestic flexible packaging plants are small-scale, and there are problems such as product homogenization and overcapacity, resulting in the fact that flexible packaging plants have no right to negotiate prices with upstream raw material enterprises, have no qualification to negotiate prices with downstream enterprises, and have a narrow profit space

facing the pressure of survival, domestic upholstery factories are committed to the introduction of new processes and the improvement of production equipment. In addition, many enterprises develop new products or functional products to improve product sales prices and enhance market competitiveness, and some enterprises form a unified price alliance through industry associations to control market prices

at present, functional packaging is the most promising application field of new packaging technology. High barrier, degradable environmental protection, active packaging, heat shrinkable film, high temperature cooking resistance, baking resistance, low temperature freezing resistance, sterility (antibacterial) and anti-static 5 Multifunctional films such as loading and rust prevention are becoming hot spots in the industry development. Constantly optimized functional packaging will better protect commodities and make packaging more convenient, so as to meet the personalized needs of the market to the greatest extent, or better meet the needs of environmental protection

for the future development trend of film manufacturers, fengshuming, the relevant person in charge of Jiangsu Zhongda, stressed that the management will strengthen macro-control, save costs and increase efficiency. In terms of products, it has become a consensus to vigorously develop film differentiated products, develop film functional products, and develop degradable plastic films. He believes that for the plastic film packaging industry, in order to achieve the purpose of differentiation and functionalization of the film, in addition to optimizing the production process and raw material formula, we should mainly start with the modification of raw materials, functional masterbatches and market research. Therefore, film manufacturers should hold two hands: on the one hand, they should closely contact upstream manufacturers - manufacturers and functional masterbatch manufacturers; On the other hand, we should maintain communication with downstream customers, so that supply, production and use can exchange information and cooperate with each other, so as to strive for three wins and common development

from the perspective of market response, China's original composite film industry is undergoing major reforms, and is developing towards deep processing around the principles of higher level, scale and efficiency. Functional films are developing to a newer and higher level. At the same time, the progress of bag making and printing technology of ink and adhesive has also promoted the further development of China's film industry. The development of functional films in China is not very mature, and the innovation awareness of enterprises is also relatively weak. With the refinement of product classification and the specialization of production equipment, domestic enterprises should carefully digest and absorb on the basis of introducing equipment and technology, improve the ability of independent innovation, and constantly enhance the competitiveness of their products in the market

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