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Functional fiber: make great efforts in reality

in recent years, health care functional textiles with high scientific and technological content and high added value have sprung up and become a new economic growth point in the textile industry. In 2009, the sales revenue of functional textiles in China reached 100billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of 20%. At the recent summit forum on the current situation and development of health care functional textiles in China, Xu Dong, director of the new fiber application department of the China Knitting Industry Association, was interviewed

: referring to health care functions, Wang Xia said that in the impression of ordinary people, textiles add some functions beneficial to human body to achieve the purpose of human health care. What do you think are the differences between health functional textiles and functional textiles

Xu Dong: health care functional textiles are a branch of functional textiles, which are divided into skin friendly and energy stimulating types. Skin friendly type mainly plays an auxiliary role in improving human body and skin health, without any side effects. For example, antibacterial, antibacterial, deodorizing, anti mosquito, anti mite, etc. act on the surface of the skin, while the excitable type plays a positive role in improving the subcutaneous microcirculation, such as the functions generated by far-infrared, anion, biological magnetic field, etc., and has the effects of anti fatigue, anti thrombosis, sequential decompression, etc. But in the past, there were no sub categories

: in recent years, due to the arbitrary expansion of the efficacy of functional textiles by production and sales enterprises, misleading consumers, many products, such as meteors, quickly disappeared from the market. In your opinion, how should health care functional textiles avoid the "Waterloo" of the market

Xu Dong: in my opinion, the main factors affecting the R & D and application of health-care functional textiles are marketing channels, raw material resources, cost control and quality control. After several years of upgrading and generation development, health care functional textiles have entered the fifth generation, that is, the era of traditional Chinese medicine plant extracts and additive free health care functional fibers

in the initial stage, the technical route of giving textiles a certain function through finishing and adding powder has gradually changed to a safer and more effective direction. With the introduction of standards for health care functional textiles and cross industry cooperation, the technology of enterprises producing health care functional textiles has gradually matured, enhancing their self innovation ability

however, it is undeniable that in the development of health-care functional textiles, some enterprises did take some detours, such as lack of R & D funds, unstable marketing channels of Beijing Chemical Industry Research Institute, lack of quality control, high product costs, which affected the healthy development of the industry. Now, health care functional textiles have been promoted to the height of strategic emerging industries. Therefore, health care functional textiles should take the road of innovation, including technological innovation, raw material innovation, product design innovation, and pay attention to R & D and intellectual property protection to expand the market

: at present, the functions of health care textiles have been infinitely expanded, and some enterprises have gone astray. Some people even put superstitious metaphysics and the so-called functions that do not have scientific common sense into health care functional textiles. What do you think of this phenomenon

Xu Dong: health textiles advocate wearing health, aiming at sub-health people, through some functions on the skin and subcutaneous microcirculation tissue system, improve people's quality of life. Health care is not equal to treatment. Its function cannot be expanded arbitrarily, and it must be reported with a scientific attitude. At present, China Health Care Association and China Knitting Industry Association jointly issued several standards to regulate health care functional textiles, such as far infrared, magnetic therapy, antibacterial standards, etc

this year, negative ion standards will also be included in the formulation plan to pass the standards, strictly enforce enterprise access, and achieve product certification marks. The products submitted for inspection by the enterprise should pass the live mouse experiment to actually detect the functional effect. Products without the consent of experts and the testing of authoritative testing departments cannot obtain the certification of health-care functional textiles issued by the national Department of industry and commerce, so as to ensure that the products produced have health-care functional effects and better protect the interests of consumers

we emphasize that safety comes first, followed by efficacy. Products without safety have no vitality

: the industrialization cooperation and upstream and downstream linkage of health care functional textiles are very important. What kind of cooperation mechanism should be established

Xu Dong: due to the difficult technology, high standard requirements, interdisciplinary and long industrial chain of health-care functional textiles, it is not an enterprise that can complete it independently due to electrostatic effect. Textile enterprises are involved in the field of health and hygiene, lack of expert guidance and certification, resulting in more plagiarism by production enterprises, unwilling to take risks to invest in research and development. At present, with professional counterpart institutions and standardization work, it is believed that the health-care functional textile industry will surely embark on a path of sustainable development

at present, to develop the health textile market, realize industrialization and interdisciplinary cooperation, and establish a mechanism of joint research and development between upstream and downstream, I think the quick way is to grasp both ends and take the middle. On the one hand, it is the demand of the brand market, on the other hand, it is the production technology guarantee of raw materials. The quality control and standardization certification of the intermediate links must also be implemented

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