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It is expected that the first industry standard for functional drinks will be officially introduced.

it was learned from the first China functional beverage forum held in Beijing last weekend that experts said that the first industry standard for functional drinks is expected to be officially introduced this year

 last Friday, China's first national professional forum on sports and functional beverages, CO hosted by the China Beverage Industry Association and red bull, was held in Beijing. It was the first time in China's beverage industry that a national symposium was held for a certain kind of products in beverages. More than a dozen functional beverage manufacturers active in China and all line beverage enterprises such as Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola participated in the forum. Zhao Yali, Secretary General of China Beverage Industry Association, said that the total sales volume of China's functional beverage market is expected to soar to 3billion yuan this year

 after the start-up period and steady growth period, functional beverages are currently in a stage of rapid development, including sports drinks, energy drinks and nutrient drinks. At the forum, relevant experts revealed that since functional drinks are internationally accepted, they are now called "special purpose drinks" in China's beverage management, but include sports drinks, energy drinks It is expected that "functional" beverages, including nutrient beverages and other special-purpose beverages, will achieve the same statement, because specific standards are being revised by industry experts and will be reported within the year

 it is understood that in the current national standard "classification of soft drinks" and the national standard "general rules of beverages" being developed, functional drinks/sports drinks are classified as special-purpose beverages. These drinks are basically made on the basis of water and added with amino acids, taurine, caffeine, electrolytes, vitamins, etc., but with the expansion of the industry, more and more products of different classifications have been derived, Even from the current development of graphene, the new material industry will still be promising, with different names. Therefore, at this forum, industry experts called for more and more brands of energy drinks and sports drinks due to the stimulation of SARS last year. However, they did not work hard on product characteristics, differentiation and brand culture after the end of the use of metallographic microscope. They just blindly followed the trend. The expansion of the market needs to be restricted by standardized industry standards, and the introduction of an industry standard has become the most urgent thing

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