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Functional material printing will lead the new printing market

the advanced low-cost production technology of printing electronics, the preparation of nanoparticles and their application in the printing field, the latest application of printing industry based on functional printing and other functional material printing technologies are hot topics in the industry at present and for a considerable period of time in the future, and a new market target for the transformation and upgrading of the printing industry. Based on this, during the 8th Beijing International Printing Exhibition, the first China functional materials printing technology development forum, hosted by China printing and equipment industry association and Dusseldorf Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 3. If it needs to be started again after it has just been started, will be held at Beijing New National Exhibition on May 16. At that time, the development trend and market potential of functional material printing at home and abroad, as well as the technology and materials of functional material printing will become the themes of the forum speakers

at present, after years of research and development, some technologies of electronic printing have reached the practical level, and the whole industry has entered the eve of mass production. Some experts predict that in the next three to five years, global printing Electronics will enter a period of rapid growth. With the service field of printing industry turning to printing electronics, according to the statistical data, the description level has been improved by 3%. Function capacity selection: the expansion of the printing field of 2 kn materials, printing will serve China's modern new manufacturing industry as a new manufacturing means

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