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Functional fabrics have gradually become the mainstream of the market

for Shengze textile industry, functional fabrics are not "fresh goods". For many years, Shengze textile enterprises have applied various textile finishing technologies such as coating and calendering to research and develop the functionality of fabrics. Nowadays, to meet the requirements of low-carbon environmental protection, green fashion and other times, functional fabrics account for a large share of the trading volume of China's Oriental silk market, and have also become a hot spot in the annual selection of China's popular fabrics

functional fabrics mainly refer to fabrics with waterproof, cold proof, fluorescent, antistatic, flame retardant, UV resistance, moisture absorption and quick drying, memory and other functions. Different from the past, fabrics with a sliding rod now erected began to consider the functionality of fabrics when they were manufactured. Take the "Chinese popular fabrics" evaluation products in the second half of this year as an example, The fabric named "silk brocade gauze" selected by Wujiang Dingsheng silk Co., Ltd. is made of green environmental protection raw materials, mulberry silk and veil, and equipped with appropriate warp and weft dense organizational structure. The main body of the hydraulic universal testing machine should be made by using a frame level or using the wire hammer in the attachment to calibrate the verticality of the columns in two directions perpendicular to each other. It is a green environmental protection fabric, which has the characteristics of elegant luster and good permeability of mulberry silk, It also has good moisture absorption and warmth retention. Breathability is one of the functions of fabrics. The hot summer is slowly going away. Looking back at the clothing market in summer, light silk products still occupy the mainstream, and different combinations of chiffon, cotton silk and so on show different look and feel. Take silk products for example. The main raw material is mulberry silk, and different proportions of other ingredients are added to form different fabric categories. Like silk Shunyu Qiaoqi silk, the product adopts 100% mulberry silk, which has good hand feel, positive color, is not easy to wrinkle, and maximizes the characteristics of light and breathable

with the evolution of consumption fashion and the development of textile industry, there are 3 underwear wearing out and sports leisure samples; Cold drawn low-carbon steel wire solder joint has become a trend, which puts forward higher requirements for the functionality of fabrics. While focusing on environmental protection and green, Shengze's textile enterprises start with the raw materials of weaving fabrics and consider the functionality of fabrics from the beginning of weaving. "Natural feelings" is the fabric that Wujiang Chemical Fiber Weaving Co., Ltd. submitted for the evaluation of "China's popular fabrics in autumn and winter 2011/2012". The warp yarn of this fabric is made of 150d/144f semi gloss polyester low elastic yarn, and the weft yarn is made of coconut carbon, a new environmental protection functional fiber extracted from the cellulose of coconut shell, It has UV shielding function, bacteriostasis function and temperature conduction function, can absorb odor, and has the functions of moisture prevention and odor removal. The fabric made of coconut carbon fiber can be used as the material of sportswear, which makes the sweat discharged by the body evaporate rapidly. After cleaning and drying, this kind of sportswear can always maintain its original characteristics

in the fierce market competition, functional fabrics meet the needs of different industries and different groups. For example, when traffic policemen are on duty on the road, they need to wear clothes with reflective fabrics. When doctors operate medical devices with radiation, they need to wear clothes with anti radiation function. Functional fabrics meet the personalized needs of different consumers and make the textile market colorful. Precisely because of the "gauge distance" and "displacement", functional fabrics have always stood at the forefront of fashion and become the goal and pursuit of many enterprises

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