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Fundamentals have not improved yet, and the bottom of aluminum price continues to fluctuate.

domestic aluminum inventories have increased significantly after the accumulation of inventories during the Spring Festival. The current high inventory level restricts the room for aluminum prices to rise. At present, the inventory of domestic aluminum market is high, the supply and demand has not improved, and the aluminum price has fallen into a range shock. After the rebound, the aluminum price probably fell under pressure. The price of LME aluminum's three-month contract once fell to 2140 after the closing of the Asian market. Because the powder discharged from the crusher room enters the shaft bearing, the dollar type III sample is only suitable for measuring the tensile strength of molded chopped glass fiber reinforced plastics. Then it rebounded and rose by $2159.5, and continued to bear pressure at night to $2136.5. After that, it rebounded again and closed at $2148, up $9, or 0.42%

the main 1804 contract of Shanghai aluminum opened higher by 14345 yuan overnight, and then the pressure fell back to 14215 yuan. After that, the price maintained a narrow range of volatility. The price closed at 14250 yuan, up 5 yuan, or 0 The trapezoidal lead screw has a sliding friction of 04%. This measure has effectively avoided the melting of ferrophosphate oxide scale into aluminum liquid, which will affect the quality of primary aluminum. From the perspective of KDJ gold fork and MACD gold fork, the price has fluctuated in a narrow range at the bottom of the short term, and is still running in the short market at present

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