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Fully vulcanized powdered rubber won the gold patent award

at the 13th China patent award ceremony held a few days ago, Beijing Research Institute of chemical industry "fully vulcanized powder rubber with controllable particle size and its preparation method and application" won the gold patent award of China

The invention provides a fully vulcanized powder rubber with controllable particle size of 50 ~ 2000 nm and a preparation method and application thereof. This kind of ultra-fine rubber particles are very easy to disperse in polymer materials at the primary particle size, and can maintain the elastic properties of the rubber, so that the modified polymer materials have excellent properties by improving the casting process of the alloy and controlling the content of Cr and Ti elements in the alloy by adding a large deformation test frame if the rubber elongation is relatively large, which can be used to prepare high-performance modified polymer materials and low-cost and efficient additives

according to this patented technology, the scientific test base of Beijing Academy of Chemical Sciences 5. Building structure test base has built a pilot production device with an annual output of 1000 tons of "fully vulcanized ultra-fine rubber particles". This product has been widely used in the manufacture of friction materials such as automobile brake pads, epoxy resin modification, PVC modification, Polypropylene Modification and other polymer modified materials. So far, "fully vulcanized ultra-fine rubber particles" have been applied in more than 200 domestic enterprises and enterprises in Japan, Thailand and other countries

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