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In recent years, China's functional textile industry has developed rapidly and has become a new force in the textile market. Especially with people's pursuit of high-quality life and health, functional textiles are used more and more widely. At present, the global market sales of functional textiles is US $50billion per year, while China's demand is about RMB 50billion. It can be seen that functional textiles not only have higher added value, but also have considerable prospects

nowadays, the functionality of textiles is really enough. 9. Is the clamping thickness of flat samples: 0 ⑴ 5mm

with the improvement of people's requirements for quality of life, the demand for functional textiles is also rising. How are textiles functional? This is not difficult to understand, that is, in addition to its basic use value, textiles have other functions, such as antibacterial, acarid removal, antiviral, mosquito prevention, radiation prevention, anion health care, etc. So, is it really enough to have a single or dual function just like this? NO! With the passage of time and in-depth research, there should be more functional textiles. So, where are these products? If you want more functional textiles, please find functional textile experts, innovative technology strong people - grain rice industry

grain rice: 6300 tests, walking in the forefront of science and technology

facing the future, grain rice industry, which can be called a functional textile expert, holds the pulse of the times and rapidly popularizes functional sports equipment with scientific and technological content; It will be used to surpass the traditional competitive formats of the textile industry, shift the focus of scientific research and capital to the functional high-quality textile raw materials with scientific and technological innovation, and create a new market category. That is, the scope of research and development is no longer limited to adding functions to only textile materials, but to find more functions from functional high-quality textile raw materials. Guided by innovation and driven by science and technology, it focuses on the research and development of functional textiles

the grain rice team has successfully developed a number of patented technologies through years of research and 6300 tests. That is topspeed1s, burning5 ℃, quickkill, protectall four high-tech environmental protection plant fiber patented technologies. Grain rice has always been at the forefront of science and technology. Based on functional fibers, it adopts high-tech fiber raw materials, and uses professional structural design to launch professional functional products. Such as functional sports socks, sports towels, sports protective equipment and other products

exclusive patent, innovative technology strongman

the product developed by the grain rice team adopts topspeed1s high-tech patented plant environmental protection fiber with special-shaped structure. Using nanotechnology, it extracts 100% natural plant slurry and adds unique high adsorptive mineral factors. It is designed as "cross-section four pipe fiber" by the exclusive patented structure process weaving method. The unique structure has the characteristics of air permeability, moisture absorption and quick drying, and has the function of deodorization, air permeability and sweat absorption. The shape of quickkill porous objects and the chemical structure of high molecular polymers are conducive to the attachment and survival of microorganisms, and the antibacterial rate is greater than 99.9%, giving textiles permanent antibacterial, antibacterial, mildew and deodorization functions

protectall can release negative charge for a long time, achieve ionization effect, penetrate into skin tissue, promote blood circulation, activate cells, adjust cell current balance, alleviate muscle pain, prevent sports injury, etc; When the hydrophilic group in the burning5 ℃ technology dimension molecule is combined with the water molecule, the kinetic energy of the water molecule will be reduced, and it will be converted into heat energy and released. It not only keeps warm, but also keeps the body comfortable and dry for a long time

with the application of scientific and technological fibers, functional products have become the choice of intelligent devices for life.

it can be seen that compared with other functional textiles, grain rice products obviously have richer functions, are more comprehensive, and can create comfortable and healthy conditions for people, because of the application of scientific and technological fibers. High tech fiber is the key material to support the development of national high-tech industry and the breakthrough of textile key technology. As a strategic emerging industry, the development speed of high-tech fibers in China is the highest in the world. Therefore, grain rice technology fiber textiles are also of great significance in the development of the industry

in addition, people's quality of life is improving, and the demand for functional textiles is also increasing. According to the analysis of professionals, in terms of the current development trend of domestic functional textiles, the market sales of functional textiles will increase by 3.8% every year in the future. For example, in recent years "With regard to the formulation of national standards for fully biodegradable express bags, the sales of popular haze prevention products are even more amazing. From another perspective, wearable functional textiles have become the choice of smart devices in life. Climate change should be changed according to the rules of mechanical nameplates. The development of wearable smart devices is being promoted by large limited diameters, environmental changes, health needs, etc., which seems to have become a major trend.

With in-depth research, new technologies and products are constantly updated, and the market prospect is bright. The birth of innovative technology of the grain rice team is in line with the times. It can be called an innovative patented technology coveted by the world, and it is even more surprising. Pressing the test piece into a drum shape can stop loading points. Let's look forward to the launch of rice products and welcome the intelligent era of functional textiles

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