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Fully degradable and environmentally friendly tableware has passed the provincial appraisal

recently, the fully degradable disposable starch (WTA) tableware and packaging materials developed by Jieyang Yingwu chemical plant have passed the expert appraisal organized by the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau of the Provincial Department of technology rooted in the laboratory for more than 10 years. Experts believe that this new material has the characteristics of non-toxic, pollution-free, simple production process, unique formula, low cost and full degradation, and has good appearance color and whiteness. After natural degradation, it can be used as feed for poultry, livestock and fish. The promotion and application of this product has great development potential

in order to solve the replacement problem of disposable tableware, many scientific research departments and manufacturers have studied various substitutes from different aspects, but they all have certain defects. Relevant experts predict that starch tableware is the most suitable alternative to the current polystyrene tableware. This new product is characterized by corn starch and other new plant materials. It also needs comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation. The industrial system oil is supplemented by active calcium as the main material. The overall structure is mainly made of natural raw materials, and the problem of avoiding secondary pollution is fully considered

(excerpted from China Packaging News) Li Hongru

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