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The door and window industry in China has entered a saturation period of development. With China's economic development gradually entering the new normal period, the development speed of the door and window industry has slowed down, and China's door and window industry is also facing the dilemma of overcapacity. However, overcapacity mainly comes from the serious homogenization caused by the relatively low threshold of the door and window industry, but this does not mean that the consumption demand of door and window products has been met, and the market for doors and windows is still huge

1. Break through the bottleneck of overcapacity

in the face of this "bottleneck period" in the production of door and window products, door and window investment also produces a "bottleneck effect". If you allow the consequences caused by this "bottleneck effect" and the "bottleneck period" cannot be lifted, over time, door and window enterprises will relax psychologically and produce a kind of inertia, which will make the previous achievements of the whole door and window investment wasted. To win the final victory, we must take countermeasures as soon as possible

2. Accumulate the power of e-commerce development

at present, the sales of doors and windows are mostly concentrated in the building materials market and self-supporting stores, and the Internet + thinking e-commerce platform has begun to rise gradually, which also led to the lack of doors and windows in this channel and delayed the progress of market promotion and popularization of door and window products. Carty doors and windows http://www.dgkadi.com It is believed that the door and window enterprises with small strength and low brand awareness have to flinch under the premise of high fees in stores. It can be said that the investment promotion and development of e-commerce of Cartier doors and windows is still in the stage of lack of strength accumulation. Only the lack of power savings for development can be completed, and the investment attraction of Cartier doors and windows may rely on the east wind of e-commerce to eliminate the bottleneck, so as to bring a series of chain effects to the door and window industry and form a new style

3. Stimulate real market demand

at present, many door and window enterprises often only pay attention to how to grab the "cake" of the market, and ignore whether they can expand the "cake" of the door and window market. They are only concerned with making concessions on the price of doors and windows to attract consumers, but forget to open up individual consumer groups that have not yet awakened. With the development of the door and window industry gradually maturing, today's consumer buying habits have become more and more rational. The price of doors and windows is no longer the only demand point. Although the price reduction in the door and window market can drive sales to a certain extent, the real market demand for doors and windows is difficult to be stimulated, which means that door and window enterprises may fall into a bottleneck

therefore, how to make the decision makers of door and window enterprises pay attention to the "brand" effect has become a key factor in the investment attraction of Carty doors and windows http://www.dgkadi.com One of the keys. Guided by the huge market demand for doors and windows, breaking through the bottleneck of production capacity is of greater significance to door and window brand enterprises





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