I almost believed the five rumors about decoration

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One day, a man came to me and said, you lost your wallet. I felt in my pocket and the wallet was still there, so I told him it wasn't mine. Just as I was about to walk away, someone came from nowhere. It was very

one day, a man came to me and said, you lost your wallet. I felt in my pocket and the wallet was still there, so I told him it wasn't mine. Just as I was about to leave, someone came from somewhere and told me sincerely that the wallet was mine. I began to wonder why it was mine. When the third person appeared, I finally admitted that the wallet was mine. The end of the story is that I was cheated by 300 yuan. This is “ Three people talk about wallets ” The story of. There are also many such examples in decoration. When more people say it, everyone thinks it's true. For example, the following five

first, the lighting is not good. The wall is removed and replaced with glass.

the lighting of the house is not very good due to the floor or orientation and other reasons. Especially the bathroom, a place where the sun cannot shine. Then I heard someone suggest that the wall of the bathroom should be dismantled and replaced with glass, so the lighting problem can be solved! It sounds really helpful. If I hadn't been awakened by the sound of urination, I would have believed it. The lighting is solved, but the sound insulation of the glass is really poor. I don't dare to use force to go to the toilet. So, do you still think it's reliable? Don't care so much about the lighting in the bathroom. It's a big deal to light a candle

second, formaldehyde pollution is terrible. Put some plants to eliminate it

for Xiaobian, the most worry about decoration is formaldehyde pollution. Decoration companies can tolerate playing tricks and cheating me for some money, but if their health is damaged, the consequences will be much more serious. Many people on the Internet say that putting more plants in the house can remove formaldehyde. Actually? People don't like formaldehyde, nor do plants, because it can also cause damage to plants. To put it bluntly, the formaldehyde removal ability of plants is just a kind of defensive behavior. It belongs to killing thousands of enemies and losing 800. It's just that Chlorophytum comosum and lvluo are more capable of killing enemies. Most importantly, plants can only remove sand formaldehyde and play an auxiliary role. If you want to really remove formaldehyde, you can't rely on plants

third, open the kitchen without occupying land, and the problem of oil smoke is easy to solve.

buy a house, and every inch of land is worth every penny of money, so I think of ways to make full use of every bit of space. Whether it's out of saving space or longing for western style, the open kitchen is most people's “ Have a good heart ”. But many people finally pass the open kitchen because of the problem of oil smoke. There are also some people who have heard someone say “ As long as the cigarette smoking machine is selected, there will be no lampblack at home ”, Run happily to the embrace of the open kitchen. The reality is cruel. Chinese food culture has a long history. How can a little lampblack understand it. As the days grow, you will see the white walls begin to turn yellow. Of course, if you cook less frequently and less lampblack, open kitchen can still be considered

IV. the ceramic tile floor is large and good-looking. It's not bad for money.

large size ceramic tiles look great, and it's easier to match with the overall decoration style. BUT! If you fall on the ground when you are healthy at home, a flower will bloom on the floor in an instant. When laying large-scale ceramic tiles, the area of cement matting is naturally larger, and the resistance of ceramic tiles is worse. If you drop something, you'd better choose the big tile floor carefully

v. play, just buy cheap wallpapers.

decoration is a very expensive project. In order to save some budget, start from all links “ Start ”, Wallpaper is unfortunately caught. Many people don't think it's necessary to buy wallpapers that are too expensive. The picture is just a style. After a long time, they get tired of it and change it. When you do this, you will see that after living for a period of time, the wallpaper begins to bubble, the seams crack, and even the phenomenon of ash removal. The solution is to repaint. The decoration company will tell you that you need to repaint the wall if you want to repaint. OMG, regret it




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