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On March 4, 2014, the 21st China (Beijing) International Building Ceramics and kitchen and bathroom facilities exhibition will begin for four days. The exhibition has been successfully held for 20 times, attracting thousands of architectural design, materials and construction enterprises from more than 40 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition, and more than 100000 domestic and foreign professionals attended the exhibition. Now it has developed into one of the most influential brand exhibitions in northern China. As a leading brand of simple European style in the customized wardrobe industry, Kelaifu will not miss such a home furnishing event

Kelaifu booth: China International Exhibition Center (Laos exhibition) 1a09

Hefei Kelaifu household products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005. Since 2008, it has achieved a rapid growth of more than 80% for five consecutive years. The annual output value in 2012 is more than 100 million yuan, and there are nearly 400 direct sales and franchise outlets nationwide, with a stable market share in East China ranking the top three in the industry. Since 2013, it has won the honorary title of the chairman unit of the "China overall home furnishing alliance", the "May Day Labor Award" in Hefei, and the "top 500 enterprises in China's Pan home furnishing development". The company plans to complete the listing and filing of the new third board by the end of 2013, and strive to complete the listing of the transfer board in 2017

Kelaifu's "2014 100 stops Investment Summit - Beijing stop" will be held grandly during the Beijing Exhibition. Now we are accepting applications to book regional seats. Leaders of industry associations will come to the Investment Summit in person, and there will be live reports from CCTV, Sina home, Sohu, sofang, China wardrobe and other media. This Investment Summit is not only the launching ceremony of the 2014 investment promotion curtain of Klaus, but also the witnesses of Klaus' strong alliance and strategic alliance with CCTV, red star Macalline and other industry leaders

seats are limited and opportunities are rare! Free appointment registration number: 4006758588

consultation qq:2326110759 contact: Miss Wang

wonderful sharing: how does Kelaifu achieve the magnificent transformation from a regional brand to a national brand and achieve such impressive performance? The following editor will reveal it for you one by one

first, accurate product positioning

the first custom home concept with unique Italian artistic style. Hefei Kelaifu household products Co., Ltd., its East China production base, absorbs the essence of Italian modern European home culture in its design concept and combines it with modern fashion lifestyle; Integrate the past and the present, and take Oriental home life and European home style as the source of creativity; With originality and meticulous work, we have created a modern fashion home with rich oriental culture; Build a simple, happy and healthy home lifestyle

II. Advanced production management

Kelaifu is a leader in China's wardrobe, sliding door and customized home furnishing industry. The East China production base covers an area of more than 120000 square meters. Its wardrobe and sliding door series products have passed China's ten ring certification and ISO9001 quality management system certification in the first batch in the industry. A full set of German HOMAG automatic production equipment has been introduced and combined with Canada 2020 terminal design software. At present, Kelaifu has become a large group enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. At present, it is one of the fashion home customization enterprises with the most advanced equipment and the strongest technical force in China

III. rich brand connotation

create happiness ・ deliver happiness ・ share happiness, adhere to the purpose of "integrity, win-win, everlasting foundation", take "create a happy home life, let love last" as the vision, advocate a happy home culture, and lead the world's first brand of happy home

IV. clear market strategy

adhering to the strategic idea of "thousands of stores determine the universe - based in East China, stable in North China, looking at the whole country, and building the first brand in Europe in the northern market", Kelaifu is steadily advancing step by step. Since 2011, the number of new stores of Kelaifu in the northern market has been among the best

v. perfect operation system

Kelaifu has a team of nearly 60 people specializing in channel development and management, serving the majority of franchisees. It not only provides ideas and methods for brand promotion and market operation of local franchised stores, but also can provide resident support, and assist dealers to carry out various activities all year round to achieve performance

VI. complete training mechanism

Kelaifu maintains a monthly training course for new franchisees. After joining, each franchisee should receive Kelaifu's pre business training for its team. Graduates will be issued with certificates, which can be used in Kelaifu exclusive stores nationwide as proof of qualification. At the same time, there are at least three special training camps for general managers every year to teach franchisee bosses all-round knowledge and skills of promotion, operation, performance, management, etc. by combining the tutors of Kelaifu business school and external tutors, so as to create excellent team leadership

VII. Complete franchise policy

Kelaifu provides franchisees with ten franchise guarantees including product production, store decoration, advertising promotion, market operation and other contents, as well as a comprehensive three-dimensional support policy for people and property, to escort the bosses

VIII. Broad marketing platform

Kelaifu has an online marketing team of more than 10 people, covering Baidu promotion, Weibo, wechat and tmall mall, providing marketing support for online platforms for all franchisees

IX. superior after-sales service

Kelaifu can provide every consumer of Kelaifu products with a ten-year product warranty and lifelong maintenance after-sales service guarantee. The annual "Thanksgiving action" will deliver happiness to thousands of households using Kelaifu products




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