Weiyi customizes the 4th China public welfare Fest

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On July 26th, 2014, the public welfare of "heart action love reading" was launched, and the heart has never stopped. In five months, the Organizing Committee of Xinyi action received 50000 books in total, and 10000 books have been sent to 10 primary schools in mountainous areas

record the people and things your eyes see with a water pen, and touch every luminous detail with your beating heart

-- mind action

one thing is a mind, and the things with heart move people most. Just last Saturday, a generation of adolescent singer Jay Chou's romantic Castle wedding witnessed his unparalleled intentions. In addition to being curious about the wedding arrangements, wedding costumes, relatives and friends on the scene, the most talked about is the original wedding march written by Jay to his wife and son. Nine hours after this nameless song was put on the Internet, it exceeded a million hits. It must be that countless people didn't want to take off their headphones and played it repeatedly all night. Kunling once said that she wanted a fairy tale romantic wedding, and all this was perfectly realized. Maybe I didn't think about what kind of situation this love would take, but I thought about the process of today's wedding

love is to do what you say, and to make a promise, you must strive to achieve it. You cannot turn your original intention into silent leaves

on July 26th, 2014, Li Bingbing, the spokesperson for the launch of the "action of heart and love of reading" public welfare program, attended the event.

since the launch of the "action of heart and love of reading" public welfare program on July 26th, 2014, my heart has never stopped. In five months, the Organizing Committee of Xinyi action received a total of 50000 books, all of which were donated by people from all walks of life. At present, 10000 books have been sent to 10 mountain primary schools. Weiyi custom donated 55 sets of Xinyi book bar, and the number of Xinyi action volunteers increased to 200. This string of heart beating numbers is still rising, and every step forward, I am full of heart

the trophy of the fourth China public welfare Festival

our journey can be seen everywhere. Everywhere we go, love shines there. Let more people participate in the public welfare of "heart action love reading". We set up book donation points in each exclusive store

Xinyi action ・ Baicheng participates in public welfare together with qiweiyi national franchised stores

Xinyi action organizing committee has successively held the "Xinyi action Cup" children's graffiti competition in Foshan, Guangzhou, Beijing and other places. Children can participate as long as they bring a book donation

at the scene of the graffiti contest of mind action

mind plus code, we also set up the book donation point in the residential area, and parents and children can also do public welfare while walking. This form of unexpected won a good reputation. The joint efforts of online and offline practice, launched the micro activity of crowdfunding Xinyi book bar donation to mountain primary schools, "let the children in the mountains love reading, let the children in the city more love" this public welfare slogan has spread to thousands of households

action of mind ` love reading enter the residential community parents and children participate in book donation on site

although the initial intention surrounded everyone's enthusiasm for public welfare at the beginning, we didn't expect it, but we thought of everything that happened in this process countless times. All the children are eager to participate in the graffiti competition, all the children can't wait to take out books and seriously put them in the book bar, all the old people and parents come to support our public welfare... At the beginning, it's so sudden, but the process is quite attentive, which is also a commitment, we will always do it, touch every shining place with our hearts




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