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Home is our warm embrace when we come back from work, and home is the harbor of our soul. In the course of life, we rely on home when we are sleepy and lack of it, so we need to love it at home, and it needs peace

noise is polluting our beautiful home and hurting our bodies. Now let's take a look at the harm of noise pollution

some tests show that people will suffer from hearing loss after listening to the sound of motorcycles for 8 hours. If you are in a rock concert hall for half an hour, your hearing will be damaged, which is harmful to your cardiovascular system. China's survey of urban noise and residents' health shows that every decibel of noise in the region increases the incidence rate of hypertension by 3%. In France, three out of every four patients with neuropathy are caused by noise. Noise accounts for 35% of suicides in Paris and Tokyo. Another 35% of crime maniacs are involved in noise

different noises have different effects on people. For example, intermittent noise has a greater impact on people than continuous noise. Night noise has a greater impact than daytime noise. Household appliance noise affects people's sleep quality and quantity, which can then affect people's work efficiency and have adverse effects on health. According to statistics, 84% of the population in the United States is seriously disturbed by noise, and 20% of the population is under the threat of strong noise with hearing impairment

due to the development of society, some noise can't be avoided. Since we can't eliminate noise from the source, we start from home. According to relevant statistics, 90% of the noise is introduced into the room through doors and windows, so choosing doors and windows with good sound insulation performance can effectively reduce the impact of noise on the indoor environment

therefore, we need a sound proof door and window, which can effectively reduce the transmission of noise and reduce the harm of noise to human body

Angel high-end sound insulation system doors and windows create a warm and quiet home for you! Angel doors and windows have customized a door and window system with significant sound insulation effect for modern urban living people, creating a quiet living environment, so that cleanliness will no longer become a luxury of the city

let's create a quiet and comfortable living environment together. If you have been troubled by noise, please replace an angel door and window


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