Ten laws of interior decoration color matching

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Home color matching, it seems that there is no law, after all, to judge whether a design is beautiful or not, there are different opinions. But no matter how you want to play personality, the color matching in your home can't violate the 10 laws, otherwise it will only be self defeating

Fenlin paint master paint 1. Content of the ten laws

Article 1: space color matching shall not exceed three (white and black are not considered colors)

Article 2: gold and silver can be matched with any color (gold does not include yellow, including gray white)

Article 3: without the guidance of designers, the best color matching gray scale of home is furniture depth

Article 4: do not use warm colors in the kitchen (except the yellow color system)

Article 5: do not kill dark green floor tiles

Article 6: never put materials with different materials but the same color system together, half of the chance to make mistakes

Article 7: if you want to create a lively and modern home taste, you should not choose those things printed with big flowers (except plants), and try to use plain color design

Article 8: the color of the ceiling must be lighter than or the same as the wall. When the color of the wall is dark, the ceiling must be light. The color system of the ceiling can only be white or the same color system as the wall

Article 9: if the space is not enclosed and penetrates, the same color scheme must be used; Different enclosed spaces to use different color schemes

Article 10: warning &mdash& mdash; If this law is used outside the home, 90% may be wrong

2. Description

in general interior design, colors are limited to three. Of course, this is not absolute. As professional interior designers are familiar with deeper color relationships, they may use more than three colors, but generally only one or two

limit the definition of three colors:

(1) three colors refer to the colors in the same relatively enclosed space, including ceiling, wall, ground and home. The living room and the master room can have different colors in different systems, but if the living room and the dining room are connected together, they are regarded as the same space

(2) white, black, gray, gold and silver are not counted within the limits of the three colors. However, gold and silver generally cannot exist at the same time, and only one of them can be used in the same space

(3) patterns are subject to their presentation color. For example, a piece of fancy cloth has multiple colors. Because there are many relationships between colors, the main colors shall prevail professionally. The way is to squint to see the main tone. However, if the individual color patches of a large pattern are large, it should also be regarded as a color

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