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There will be a shutdown period of more than ten days for the decoration projects in the new year. During this period, some precautions deserve the attention of the owners, such as how to sign a contract, how to protect the completed projects, how to prevent fire and water, etc., so as to avoid the trouble of returning to work after the Spring Festival

◆ sign a contract to purchase building materials in advance

after the Spring Festival every year, it is the peak decoration season. At that time, all major decoration companies are busy, and both designers and constructors are in a lack of state. Therefore, if the owner starts to discuss signing and design matters with the decoration company after the Spring Festival, he will undoubtedly encounter the phenomenon of queuing. Owners who choose to decorate in the new year can save these troubles. They can complete the design and signing before the Spring Festival and start work directly after the Spring Festival

before the Spring Festival, it is the off-season for decoration. At this time, the decoration company has little business and the designers have plenty of time, so they have enough time to communicate with the owner and maximize their ideas

in addition, the decoration companies in this period are not too busy, and relevant personnel can formulate a detailed budget for the owner, so as to save time and effort after the holiday

it is also a good time for owners to buy decoration materials and household products before the Spring Festival. Because many commonly used materials are often out of stock, if owners can buy before the Spring Festival, even if the merchants are out of stock for a while, they can book it first and wait for the merchants to replenish and ship directly after the Spring Festival, so as to avoid the delay of the project due to shortage after the festival. If the owner requires the decoration company to be responsible for purchasing main materials, he can take advantage of the time before the Spring Festival to buy some small items such as hardware, angle valves, switches, sockets, etc. he can also ask the designer to make a list according to the design drawings for centralized procurement

◆ do a good job in project protection during holidays

the most frequent period of personnel turnover of decoration companies is around the Spring Festival every year, that is to say, the construction personnel before and after the festival are not necessarily the same group. Therefore, insiders remind owners that if the decoration company is expected to be unable to complete a project before the holiday, it is best not to ask it to rush to work, but simply wait until after the holiday, otherwise it is difficult to ensure that the project is done by the same group of workers, thus affecting the unity and integrity of the project. In addition, the owner had better sign a shutdown agreement with the decoration company, and indicate the unsealing and resumption time, construction period plan, inventory of items and other contents in it, and then both the project manager and the owner sign for confirmation to ensure the project quality

during the Spring Festival shutdown, the owner should pay attention to protect the completed works, such as regularly checking whether the wires that have begun to lay pipelines are completely connected, and whether the parts that are not wired are clearly marked; Whether there are heavy objects pressed on the newly pasted floor tiles to prevent displacement and uneven alignment. If the project is in the stage of carpentry or painter, attention should be paid to ventilating and ventilating the room to avoid the accumulation of harmful gases in the room. For some projects that achieve the water test stage, the owner can brush the waterproof coating before the holiday, and directly conduct the water storage test when returning to work after the holiday, which saves the time of drying the coating

◆ attention must be paid to fire prevention and water proofing

during the New Year decoration, the owner should not only protect the project, but also pay attention to fire prevention and water proofing. Since most cities allow citizens to set off fireworks during the Spring Festival, it is even more necessary to prevent fires at this time. The best way is to keep someone to watch. If you can't keep someone to watch all day, at least someone should watch during the most concentrated period of fireworks to avoid fires. In addition, the owner shall store inflammable building materials such as paint and wood products in a safe place to prevent them from contacting the fire source. At the same time, pay attention to close the doors and windows during the Spring Festival to avoid the fireworks splashing into the house and causing a fire. The owner should also pay attention to closing the main valve of the waterway to avoid freezing the water pipe due to the cold weather and causing water leakage




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