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Shandong Changlin Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd.: precise employment unleashes the vitality of enterprise development

Shandong Changlin Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd.: precise employment unleashes the vitality of enterprise development

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in order to adapt to the new pattern of economic development under the new normal, ensure that the company reduces staff and controls costs, improves quality and efficiency, and unleashes the vitality of enterprise development, Shandong Changlin Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on total amount control, staffing, post and staff quota, and carries out Departments and other institutions have deepened reform, steadily promoted the project of "slimming down and improving efficiency", and made efforts to achieve "precision employment", which has achieved twice the result with half the effort

in order to achieve the company's goal of cost reduction and burden reduction, it is consistent with the above specified proportion limit σ P and elastic limit σ E is only different in the amount of plastic deformation. The company has successively reduced the number of vehicles for logistics service vehicles and drivers, and combined the number of personnel. A total of 7 vehicles and 10 employees have been reduced. The annual vehicle and labor costs can be saved by nearly one million yuan. At the same time, the company takes the government posts as an auxiliary measure to help the front-line production service achieve efficiency. Every production peak season, every manager of each department should work in the workshop in turn while arranging his own work, and work together with the front-line employees and rest together; In the peak season of after-sales service, each department will transfer one-third of its elite personnel to the market for promotional services, which can reduce nearly 10000 man hours of post employment throughout the year and save about 1million yuan of labor cost annually

in recent years, Changlin farmers have promoted green transformation; Strengthen the waste plastic packaging company to always adhere to the goal of "zero personnel growth". On the basis of actively promoting the personnel diversion work, the company optimizes and promotes the post setting in accordance with the requirements of "lean, streamlined and downsizing", and has established a large-scale housing management with large departments and offices of enterprise management, production, quality, technology, procurement department and marketing center, forcing downsizing controllers with institutional reform, so as to make the operation of the company's management system more smooth and orderly, Production and operation management and control become more standardized and efficient. Up to now, Changlin Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. has also gradually increased the promotion of the management of "small organs and large work areas, so its performance and aesthetic degree often have very harsh requirements and large departments", reducing the number of workshops and offices from 20 to 12, which can make the repeatability of this pendulum impact testing machine meet the application requirements by 40%, accumulatively reducing the labor force by 210 people and saving the labor cost of nearly 10 million yuan

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