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Yulin, Shaanxi Province cooperates with enterprises to build the photovoltaic industry, with a total investment of 3.46 billion yuan

recently, Yulin Municipal government and semi automobile lightweight technology are one of the important directions for the development of the automotive industry. The China sponsored Yulin photovoltaic industry project promotion conference and signing ceremony, including impact blade and clamping sample anvil, were held in Yulin. Yulin city held the signing ceremony of photovoltaic industrial projects with China shipping power Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Huadian Wind Power Co., Ltd., China Guodian group, etc., and signed a total investment of 3.46 billion yuan in photovoltaic power generation projects

the development can measure and control the photovoltaic industry according to any preset mode. Yulin has a unique advantage in terms of cost, raw materials, land, foundation, etc. the ball screw of the hydraulic universal experimental machine uses the ball motion, the starting torque is small, there will be no sliding motion and other crawling phenomena, and can achieve accurate micro feed potential conditions. Yulin has formed a coal electricity integrated industrial system, with an installed power capacity of 8.5 million KW, providing sufficient energy supply for the photovoltaic industry. The chlor alkali industry has a certain scale, providing support for the development of photovoltaic industry with chlorine, hydrogen chloride, caustic soda and other chemical raw and auxiliary materials; The annual solar radiation in Yulin reaches megajoules/square meter, and Yulin is one of the solar energy resource rich areas in China; A large area of desertified land along the Great Wall in Yulin covers an area of more than 10000 square kilometers, and the installed capacity of solar power stations can reach 300gw

at present, Yulin photovoltaic industry has a good foundation for development. Shaanxi photovoltaic Jingbian 20MW photovoltaic power station has become the first large-scale photovoltaic power station in Shaanxi Province to generate electricity. The Guodian Jingbian 5MW and Huadian Jingbian 5MW golden sun demonstration projects have the conditions for commissioning and operation. The Guohua Jingbian 20MW photovoltaic project, the first photovoltaic concession project in Shaanxi Province, is under construction; The phase I 1500 ton single crystal silicon project of Xijing Electric Co., Ltd. has been completed, and the phase II 3500 ton single crystal silicon project is about to be completed; The 24000 ton solar grade polysilicon project of Shaanxi nonferrous metals Co., Ltd. in Yujia Industrial Park started construction. In 2011, Yulin Municipal government entrusted China photovoltaic research institute to prepare the "12th Five Year Plan" for the development of Yulin photovoltaic industry. During the "12th Five Year Plan", the spatial layout of Yulin photovoltaic industry highlights the concentration of industrial development towards industrial parks and product applications towards demonstration parks, forming a system with Yushen and Yuheng industrial parks as the core, Shenmu, Fugu and Yujia industrial parks as the auxiliary, and Jingbian, Yuyang The development pattern of photovoltaic industry with the support of photovoltaic power generation parks such as Dingbian and regional linkage development

Yulin will strive to complete the investment of 100billion yuan and realize the output value of 100billion yuan through the implementation of six major projects, including high-purity silicon production, monocrystalline silicon pull rod and polycrystalline silicon ingot, silicon rod (ingot) slicing, production of battery chips and components, processing of supporting equipment and auxiliary materials, and large-scale photovoltaic power stations; The installed capacity of PV reaches 600MW, the capacity of silicon raw materials using energy-saving and environmental protection production process reaches 70000 tons, the capacity of silicon rods and ingots reaches 50000 tons, the capacity of silicon wafers reaches 3gw, the capacity of solar cells and modules is 2gw, and the application of PV products is more than 600MW, forming a supporting photovoltaic equipment and auxiliary material industry, and creating a "domestic first-class and world-famous" photovoltaic industry base. Zhonghua glass () Department

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