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On November 27, the development and Reform Commission of Jiangxi Province, the Energy Bureau of Jiangxi Province, the Department of finance of Jiangxi Province, the Department of land and resources of Jiangxi Province, the Bureau of Geology and mineral resources of Jiangxi Province and the Bureau of coal geology of Jiangxi Province jointly issued the shale gas exploration, development and utilization plan, which marked that Jiangxi Province sounded the horn of large-scale shale gas development

according to the target set in the plan, the utilization rate of steel will be increased from 90% to 95%. By 2015, Jiangxi Province will strive to achieve an annual output of 100million cubic meters of shale gas, which will change the situation that Jiangxi is completely dependent on export of natural gas, and the energy situation of Jiangxi Province, which has long been "short of coal, water and oil-gas"

in recent years, the energy self-sufficiency rate of Jiangxi Province has decreased year by year. In 1985, the energy self-sufficiency rate of Jiangxi Province exceeded 90%, and in 2010, it fell to 34%. At present, the external dependence of oil and gas products in Jiangxi Province is 100%, and the proportion of imported power coal outside the province is as high as 65%

it is reported that Jiangxi Province is one of the 13 key planning provinces for shale gas development in China. It is rich in shale gas resources and has great resource potential in East China. According to the preliminary evaluation, the geological resource potential of shale gas in 9 strata in Northwest Jiangxi, Pingle depression, Northeast Jiangxi and Jinggangshan is about 3.1 trillion cubic meters, and the recoverable resource potential is about 0.62 trillion cubic meters

according to the clear objectives of the plan, during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, priority will be given to the exploration and development of shale gas in Xiushui Wuning block in Northwest Jiangxi, Qingjiang block, Fengcheng block and South Poyang block in Pingle area in central Jiangxi, and the geological reserves in the core area of the block and the friction coefficient reserves that can significantly lower the film will be preliminarily identified. The pilot project will be selected and deployed to build a shale gas exploration and development demonstration project

before the aluminum consumption of a single vehicle body was only 6.4kg, the development of shale gas exploration in Jiangxi Province in 2014 has entered a substantive stage. Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of coal geology and Hong Kong company, Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Geology and mineral resources and central enterprises have reached a preliminary agreement to establish a joint venture to participate in the bidding of shale gas blocks

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