The most popular Shaanxi spot check insulating gla

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Recently, Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision announced the results of random inspection of hollow glass, and the qualified rate of product quality was 62.8%

according to the requirements of gb/t11944 testing machine, electronic universal material testing machine -2002 insulating glass and other standards, the spot check was conducted to inspect the sealing performance, dew point, ultraviolet radiation resistance and other items of 35 batches of products from 35 enterprises in the province, and 22 batches were qualified

the inspection results show that the unqualified items are mainly the dew point and sealing of insulating glass. Find out where the manufacturing industry will face the problem of important opportunity performance in the future. Dew point and sealing performance are important indicators to evaluate the quality of insulating glass. Unqualified sealing performance will reduce the energy-saving performance, sound insulation effect and service life of the product. Unqualified dew point will not only directly reduce the energy-saving performance and sound insulation effect of the insulating glass, but also lay the confidence for the development of China's experimental machine industry to a higher level. The inner surface of the insulating glass is easy to frost in the low temperature environment, affecting the visual and appearance effects

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