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On October, the China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition was held in Wuhan. Shandong Changlin group takes the "Shuhe" series walking tractor, diesel engine, "Shuhe · xiaonongniu" series micro cultivator, "Shuhe · Gufeng" corn, peanut, rice and wheat combine harvester (baler) and other series of harvesting machinery of Shandong Changlin agricultural equipment company, the "Shuhe" series four-wheel tractor, "daoyizifar" series four-wheel tractor of Shandong Changlin daoyizifar machinery company Shandong Ingersoll Rand Machinery Co., Ltd.'s "Shuhe · Huaken" series agricultural machines and tools, and Shandong Zhongchuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd. have mastered the core technology of hydraulic parts and realized innovative hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, multi-channel valves and other mechanical equipment. They gathered in Wuhan to participate in the exhibition, which was highly concerned and widely praised by the participating customers

at the exhibition site, an endless stream of customers came to visit the Changlin agricultural equipment exhibition area, and there was a long line of people receiving materials. Especially at the "Shuhe Gufeng" corn harvester, the "Shuhe deutzfar" four-wheel tractor and high-end agricultural machinery and tools, the audience was in an endless stream, which attracted many dealers who made the upper and lower jaws different to negotiate and join in on site. On October 28 alone, more than 30 dealers from Hubei, Gansu, Inner Mongolia and Hunan joined in; Most of the profits of Heilongjiang and Xinjiang have been invested in new projects, new equipment, new production lines, and other 12 dealers have joined the distribution team of "Shuhe deutzfar" four-wheel tractors and high-end agricultural machinery, which has become a highlight of the exhibition

at the exhibition site, farmers, the channel of "ridge up" of Hubei TV station, agricultural machinery communication, China Agricultural machinery promotion, agricultural machinery 360, the magazine of agricultural machinery market, the magazine of contemporary agricultural machinery, the magazine of agricultural machinery business information, etc., further promoted the reputation of Shandong Changlin agricultural machinery and equipment

after the exhibition, the "Shuhe Gufeng" series corn harvester, "Shuhe xiaogeniu" series micro cultivator, "Shuhe Huaken" series subsoiling and land preparation and other agricultural equipment products exhibited by Shandong Changlin were sold out by customers on site and signed agency intentions with dozens of dealers, which fully reflected the group's strong strength and technical level

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