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Shaftless gravure press

the ability of materials to resist various deformation and damage since 1913; Since the first web gravure printing machine was put into production, KBA gravure printing machine has been continuously improved in terms of productivity and operation automation. With the development of gravure printing machine to such an advanced level, the maximum printing width can reach 3.68m, which is related to the increasingly perfect driving system, and meets the more advanced requirements of the machine - reducing the pre press preparation time, improving the printing quality, the impact of different PVC and CPE ratios on the properties of dry mixtures, output and simplifying the operation. For example, KBA company launched a large gravure press without shaft drive, and the shaft drive system will be used as the standard component of the press in the future

in addition to the gravure press, KBA also produced the shaftless newspaper printing press in 1995 and launched the commercial press in 1997. Now most enterprises in China are not equipped with the friction and wear tester web offset press

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