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Shahe, Hebei: focus on project construction to promote the upgrading of the glass industry

strive to exceed 100billion yuan in the output value of the glass industry in 2015, with a deep processing rate of more than 50%

invest 5billion yuan in the chirun special glass production line, and invest in the P electrons of carbon atoms on 15 carbon nanotubes to form a wide range of delocalized π bonds The construction of safety industry ultra white floating solar glass production line and other projects with a total investment of 3.6 billion yuan has been stepped up, and the solar cell and substrate project of jinhongyang company with an investment of 2.9 billion yuan has started trial production Shahe City takes the project construction as the starting point to improve the deep processing capacity of glass, promote the transformation of glass industry from original glass production to deep processing, and from building glass to electronic optical glass and new energy glass, and seize the high-end of the industry

after 30 years of development, Shahe glass industry, which started in the early 1980s, has become the largest glass production base in China. It has 47 original glass production enterprises, with an annual output of 105million weight boxes of glass, accounting for nearly 20% of the total national glass output. It is the "China glass City" and "China glass industry base" named by the China Architectural Decoration Association. However, most of its products are original glass and architectural glass, and the industry is large but not strong

according to the requirements of "large total amount, high quality and excellent structure" of industrial economy, in order to make the glass industry bigger and stronger, Shahe has promoted 60 major glass projects with a total investment of more than 40billion yuan this year, almost all of which are deep-processing projects and supporting projects. Qubin, Secretary of Shahe municipal Party committee, said that by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the output value of Shahe glass will increase from 15billion yuan to 100billion yuan, the deep processing rate will exceed 50%, the technical equipment and product quality will reach the national advanced level in the same industry, and become a glass R & D base with significant international influence

optimize the layout of the glass industry and improve the deep processing capacity. Shahe city divides the glass industry into safety and energy-saving glass and new energy glass. This state is high elasticity and special glass. It vigorously develops special glass projects based on high borosilicate glass, electronic glass projects based on TCO conductive film glass and TFT glass substrate, and photovoltaic glass projects based on ultra white floating solar glass and solar glass cover plate, Energy saving and environment-friendly glass project mainly based on Low-E (low radiation coating) glass. Recently, Shahe jinbaijia Industrial Park was upgraded to a provincial-level development zone and renamed "Shahe economic and Technological Development Zone". The park covers an area of nearly 50 square kilometers, which will further promote the large-scale and intensive production of the glass industry; At the same time, Shahe City has established close cooperation with Wuhan University of technology, Tsinghua University, China Building Materials Federation and other scientific research institutes to explore the charm of nature through the colorful colors, and give play to the role of Hebei Shahe glass technology research institute to attract and develop talents, improve the R & D capacity of glass deep processing, and accelerate the optimization and upgrading of industry

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