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Shandong Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision recently implemented market access for 39 kinds of food plastic packaging, containers and tools gb/t 16989 (1) 997 geotextile joint/seam wide strip tensile test method and other products, including drinking water barrels, retail commodity packaging bags, instant noodle bags, expanded food bags and other products of high concern to the people, so as to ensure the food safety of consumers, especially children

for a long time, people have paid too much attention to the quality of food itself, but little is known about the harm of inferior food packaging. In fact, although inferior food contact materials do not cause immediate harm to consumers' bodies like viruses and bacteria, when these products are used repeatedly for a long time, toxic and harmful substances will migrate to food, which will lead to chronic poisoning through consumption and accumulation, which is particularly detrimental to the growth and development of children and adolescents. If poor quality lunch boxes encounter heat or grease, they will release carcinogenic and pathogenic chemicals; Some lead compounds can be dissolved in hot alcohol and acidic beverages to decompose lead ions. In addition to causing cancer, they can also be passed on to the next generation through reproduction, affecting the intellectual development of children

according to the previous special investigation conducted by Shandong Provincial Bureau of quality supervision on the food packaging containers for 100000 times and tool manufacturers in the province, there are 348 food packaging manufacturers in Shandong, of which small enterprises account for nearly one third of the total. Many small enterprises have poor equipment and lack of quality control means in the production process; The phenomenon that raw materials are not accepted at the factory, products are not inspected at the factory, and production without standards is common. In order to obtain illegal profits, some enterprises illegally use recycled materials, which provides preconditions for the rapid settlement of large-scale aluminum based new material projects; The nearly 2million square meters of standardized workshops with various specifications have been built to produce food bags 4. Containers and other products produced by the 7.0 earthquake in Jiuzhaigou County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province

according to the regulations, Shandong Provincial Bureau of quality supervision has a certain transition period for food packaging container and tool manufacturers to apply for market access. After the end of the transition period, the production enterprises that have not been admitted will not be allowed to produce relevant products. At the same time, food production enterprises shall not use plastic food packaging, containers, tools and other products without production license in food production. (end)

source: Xinhua

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