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It is reported that since Weinan City carried out the pilot work of food safety supervision system reform on November 15, 2011, a relatively perfect new food safety supervision system has been established, basically eliminating the blind spot of food safety supervision

before the pilot reform, there was a saying that "seven or eight departments can't manage a pig well, and more than a dozen departments can't manage a table." However, since the 16th executive meeting of the provincial government in 2011 decided to reform the food safety supervision system in Weinan. For example, the equipment used for bellows detection will be equipped with an inner diameter measuring device. Since then, Weinan food and drug supervision and Administration Committee has increased the supervision and administration functions of agricultural products, food production and processing, food circulation, pigs, cattle and sheep slaughtering, in addition to the original food and drug supervision and administration functions. The municipal agricultural product law enforcement and supervision detachment was established, 96 town level food and drug administration offices were newly established, and 13 large (medium) food safety law enforcement teams were added in cities and counties. Nine administrative licensing matters of five food safety regulatory departments, including animal husbandry, quality inspection and industry and commerce, were included in the food and drug regulatory department, and 16 law enforcement functions of seven food safety regulatory departments, including agriculture, animal husbandry and fruit industry, were included in the food and drug regulatory department

Weinan food and drug supervision system has recruited 223 college graduates in the first batch and trained them. Weinan Municipal Finance - in may2013, it invested 10 million yuan to purchase 102 law enforcement vehicles and 105 quick inspection instruments for township grass-roots offices and law enforcement teams through bidding. All counties and urban areas also invested 13 million yuan in succession. At present, there are 1700 law enforcement officers at the grass-roots level and 96 supervision offices at the grass-roots level. The establishment of supervision networks at the township and village levels has been completed, and 22000 tons of low-noise blind synthetic rubber products for food safety supervision have been basically eliminated

since the pilot reform, 1582 illegal cases have been investigated and dealt with, 5640 kilograms of substandard food have been confiscated, and 145 illegal food production and operation enterprises have been closed down

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