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Shandong Changlin group held the "Ankang Cup" safety knowledge competition

Shandong Changlin group held the "Ankang Cup" safety knowledge competition

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in order to highlight the theme of the 14th safety production month and create an atmosphere in which employees "learn safety knowledge and abide by the safety rule of law". On June 16, the trade union of Shandong Changlin group took the lead The "Ankang Cup" safety knowledge competition organized by the operation management department was held on the 17th floor of the group headquarters. Nine grass-roots trade unions from the group companies and the headquarters administration participated in the competition

at the activity site, each representative team can provide technical support for the project by drawing lots to determine the sequence of team numbers, and take seats. The activity is divided into three parts: required answers, rush answers and risk questions. In the must answer session, each team calmly dealt with the checkpoints of safety knowledge, which reflected the good reserve ability of basic knowledge, and the score on the field was equal

the size of the second sample is small to the diameter φ After the 0.005mm gold wire wheel was used to answer the questions, all the teams, as the reborn child of the experimental machine industry, quickly understood and answered the questions within the time limit. The atmosphere at the scene was very active. The score gap between the teams in this round of competition has widened

entering the last and only round of risk questions, each team gave full play to the spirit of fearing difficulties, daring to try and taking risks. They all finished with 20 points and 30 points, showing the spirit of "one Bo to the end", and won the admiration and applause of the audience

in the three rounds of competition, each team with very stable performance showed a solid foundation in safety knowledge. Finally, the team from the administrative union of the headquarters took the lead and won the first prize in the "Ankang Cup" knowledge competition

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