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Jietong Huasheng Lingyun intelligent customer service cooperates with kmpro to build the strongest knowledge base platform

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Jietong Huasheng Lingyun intelligent customer service

recently, the domestic supplier of intelligent human computer interaction (HCI) technology and Solutions, Jietong, will briefly share with you the small knowledge of the tear experiment of electronic universal testing machine on samples of various shapes. Huasheng has reached a strategic partnership with deep blue sea, a leading domestic knowledge management enterprise, Both sides will work together to expand the domestic market space for intelligent customer service and knowledge management, and provide customers with more complete integrated solutions for intelligent customer service and knowledge management

Jietong Huasheng Company has more than 10 years of development history in the fields of voice interaction, image recognition and natural language understanding technology, while deep blue sea company also has nearly 10 years of rich experience in using knowledge management system to provide services to enterprise users. Through strong cooperation, the two sides complement each other's advantages and jointly build a complete and unified knowledge management platform within the enterprise through the application of Lingyun intelligent customer service system, Avoid the increase of costs caused by enterprises in operation and maintenance, staff training, knowledge processing, etc., truly realize the specialization, process and unification of internal and external knowledge services, and promote the perfect connection between traditional customer service, internal knowledge base and intelligent customer service system

nowadays, the rapid development of Internet has led to a geometric increase in the amount of information. The rise of mobile Internet has spawned new information transmission channels such as Weibo, app, etc., and people's ways of receiving information are becoming more diverse. For enterprises, the number of channels covered by information directly affects the number of target users. Therefore, providing comprehensive and three-dimensional knowledge dissemination and information services through a variety of channels has become an inevitable trend for enterprises to improve their customer service system

for enterprises, providing information services and transferring knowledge to users only through traditional and other single channels is not only costly, but also increasingly limited in the scope of services. The post-80s and other young generation, especially the post-90s generation, have grown up with the development of Internet. Their preferred channels for obtaining information and knowledge services have changed from traditional, SMS to instant messaging, website, microblog and other channels. How to provide information services to the younger generation of users through new channels is a new topic faced by the enterprise customer service center. Therefore, the intelligent customer service system with, microblog and website as the main service channels also came into being, and has become the preferred system for many enterprises to improve the customer service system and enhance the service ability

to build an intelligent customer service system, we need to make full use of the original knowledge base of enterprises. Although many enterprises have formed a large amount or even a large amount of knowledge after years of accumulation and precipitation, these large amounts of knowledge can bring real value to enterprises only through professional combing and standardized management. At the same time, many enterprises also face a greater problem in exporting knowledge at the same time through multiple internal and external channels. In reality, each knowledge base and even each knowledge point must be re created for different channels. This has not only generated huge labor costs, but also made the enterprise knowledge assets relatively scattered, making it difficult to carry out effective knowledge management and cost control, but also caused obstacles to the application of intelligent customer service system. In order to help enterprises make effective use of the accumulated knowledge, reduce the cost of knowledge maintenance and customer service, and improve work efficiency and enterprise benefits, Jietong Huasheng and deep blue sea company comply with the market and enterprise needs, realize the seamless integration of Jietong Huasheng Lingyun intelligent customer service system and deep blue sea kmprp knowledge management system, and jointly create the industry's leading multi-channel unified knowledge base platform

in this cooperation, the two sides uniformly process and sort out the original irregular and non institutional knowledge of the enterprise customer service center into a structured knowledge base. Internally, the staff of the enterprise customer service center can be trained to achieve rapid question and answer retrieval in manual services; At the same time, the knowledge base provides unified information and knowledge consulting services for users through Lingyun intelligent customer service system

the cooperation between Jietong Huasheng and deep blue sea can provide enterprise customers with comprehensive operation and maintenance and service functions such as knowledge management, parameter management, intelligent robot management, system real-time monitoring and service log management. Enterprise customers can directly retrieve relevant knowledge in the background knowledge base, deal with to-do matters, and release knowledge through workflow to provide standard answers for various channels of consultation, so that the operation cost and failure of the refrigeration system can be reduced to a more economical state. Users can directly consult with customer service personnel, and obtain unified standard answers from various self-service channels such as Lingyun intelligent customer service system

the knowledge base management platform realized by the integration of Jietong Huasheng Lingyun intelligent customer service system and deep blue sea kmprp knowledge management system also brings greater benefits to enterprise customers in that the elongation at break is plastic film in a certain direction (vertical/horizontal), which can help the customer service personnel in the traditional customer service center change from traditional type services to more technical customer service work such as knowledge base, marketing, background operation and maintenance. Customer service personnel can unify the user needs of traditional customer service and intelligent customer service, analyze user behavior and needs through the platform, and provide enterprises with data analysis reports of precision marketing, so as to help enterprises' business market expansion and help enterprises' call centers transform from cost centers to profit centers

Lingyun intelligent customer service system is an information system that Jietong Huasheng Company uses intelligent human-computer interaction (HCI) technologies such as natural language understanding, speech recognition, speech synthesis, etc. to provide intelligent question and answer services through text, speech, etc. Since its launch, thanks to its excellent performance and considerate service, it has been quickly recognized by customers and integrators in banks, securities, funds, telecom operators, governments and other fields. It has successfully built an intelligent customer service platform integrating support, SMS and page customer service for many enterprises, including Guangfa fund, ICBC credit Suisse, Shandong urban business alliance, and has been recognized by enterprise customers. The cooperation between Jietong Huasheng and deep blue sea will make the service platforms of both sides show more powerful advantages. Since the establishment of cooperation, the two sides have successfully built an integrated platform service system for Pacific Insurance Group, including customer service, end-to-end intelligent customer service, enterprise internal multi-channel applications, internal support for customer service center training and external support for multi-channel services. The cooperation effect is remarkable. It should be said that the cooperation between the two sides has created a broader imagination and development space for the intelligent customer service and enterprise knowledge base management industry, and has become another successful model of win-win cooperation among enterprises

since its establishment, Jietong Huasheng has always adhered to the development concept of win-win cooperation with the industry. For more than a decade, it has worked together with colleagues in the industry to provide a complete solution for the application of various HCI technologies to thousands of enterprises with four experimental machine parts through the integration and interworking of technologies, products and solutions, so as to jointly provide satisfactory services to countless users and bring considerable economic benefits to partners, It also provides direct help for partners to widely apply the latest HCI technologies and realize the innovation of technology and product solutions. It is believed that in the future, the cooperation between Jietong Huasheng and deep blue sea will not only promote the development of enterprises of both sides, but also make greater contributions to the development of China's intelligent customer service and knowledge management industry, based on the strategic cooperation of realizing platform interoperability, complementary advantages and benefit sharing

company introduction:

Beijing Jietong Huasheng Speech Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2000, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development of natural language understanding, speech interaction, image recognition and other intelligent human-computer interaction (HCI) technology research and application, and the comprehensive development of cloud computing and mobile Internet services

Beijing deep blue sea was founded in 2005, specializing in the R & D, consulting and service of knowledge management solutions, focusing on the field of knowledge management, and committed to promoting the introduction of knowledge management concepts, system research and development, software implementation, knowledge wealth management and value-added

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