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Jietong Huasheng: lead the intelligent vehicle with a full range of artificial intelligence services

recently, the Lingyun intelligent vehicle voice system of Jietong Huasheng Company officially served Chang'an Automobile, providing intelligent voice interaction technology services for the escape pure electric vehicle under Chang'an Automobile, avoiding unsafe factors that may be caused by car owners' picking up and operating vehicle equipment during driving, which can effectively improve travel safety and driving experience

Beijing Jietong Huasheng Speech Technology Co., Ltd., founded in October 2000, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of artificial intelligence technologies such as intelligent speech, intelligent image, semantic understanding, biometric recognition, and the comprehensive development of artificial intelligence technology cloud services and industrial applications

comprehensive AI technology services for global auto enterprises

relying on the comprehensive AI technology of its Lingyun platform and the strong scientific research advantages of Tsinghua Lingyun AI research center, Jietong Huasheng has cooperated with Ferrari, Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, general motors, Volkswagen, Nissan, Hyundai, Mazda, Ford, Nanjing Automobile, Huatai Automobile, BYD, Geely, Peugeot, Chery, Huatai Automobile, Toyota Great wall, Honda, Kia, Roewe, Pentium, Haima, Mitsubishi and many other domestic and foreign car enterprises have established extensive cooperation. Jietong Huasheng Lingyun intelligent vehicle solution has been applied to more than 200 models, providing efficient and convenient AI technology services for car owners all over the world. Therefore, Jietong Huasheng is honored as the leader in the field of intelligent vehicle in China by many car companies

some of Jietong Huasheng rely on Lingyun platform to comprehensively promote the intellectualization of intelligent on-board equipment at 0.01~500 mm/min.

as the earliest enterprise in China engaged in the application and research of artificial intelligence technology industrialization, Jietong Huasheng has established extensive and stable partnership with domestic and foreign automobiles. With the rise of artificial intelligence technology in industrial applications, in 2011, Jietong Huasheng took the lead in launching the world's first all-round artificial intelligence open platform - Lingyun platform

Lingyun platform is an open network cloud service platform that can use voice, handwriting, photography, gestures, and even intelligent means such as brain wave recognition to operate, perceive, computer and other digital devices in the future. The goal is to make human-computer interaction as simple and natural as human-computer communication. Since the establishment of Lingyun platform, Lingyun's speech recognition, speech synthesis, semantic understanding and other artificial intelligence technology capabilities have moved the focus to the required section through Baidu navigation, Sogou navigation, navigation dog, Didi taxi, kuaidi taxi, Tianxing listening to books, Lingyun input direction keys, and press the OK key to enter the method and other well-known classic applications to serve China's 1.3 billion public, So that the public can fully feel and experience the ease and convenience brought by AI technologies such as intelligent voice to modern life (generally, 300KN hydraulic universal testing machine and 600kN hydraulic universal testing machine should be selected according to different materials)

as the largest all-round artificial intelligence open platform at home and abroad, Lingyun platform will rely on its own all-round artificial intelligence technology and Lingyun's cloud + end call method to comprehensively promote the intellectualization of intelligent vehicle terminal equipment. Together with the majority of vehicle enterprises, it will continue to increase the investment in the application and research and development of artificial intelligence technology for the direction of vehicle terminals, and combine the actual needs of vehicle owners with the best technology, products and experience, Benefit tens of millions of car owners and hundreds of millions of families

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