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Jietong Huasheng released Lingyun voice wake-up technology

news on the 8th: Jietong Huasheng announced the launch of Lingyun voice wake-up technology, which can wake up various intelligent terminals such as dormant, smart home, smart car, robot, smart wearable devices, and the wake-up rate is as high as 96%, fundamentally solving the current way that intelligent hardware can only be opened by hand and then controlled by voice. This is another breakthrough technology contributed by Jietong Huasheng to the field of intelligent terminals such as smart cars, smart homes, home appliances and so on since the release of Lingyun far-field recognition and Lingyun content platform

the launch of Lingyun voice wake-up has further broken the industrial bottleneck of intelligent voice control in the application of anti swing devices in the field of intelligent terminals, enabling intelligent terminal devices to realize voice startup. In a word, turn on intelligent hardware such as computers, televisions, vehicle terminals, robots, etc., so that the devices are free from manual control and realize voice interaction from the beginning

Lingyun voice wake-up really liberates hands

as we all know, due to power consumption and other limitations, it is difficult for smart TVs and other terminal devices to remain active for 24 hours. Therefore, in order to freely control intelligent terminal devices, we also need to be able to wake up instantly, that is, to add voice wake-up technology to intelligent terminal devices

voice wake-up refers to the voice input containing specific wake-up words to trigger the voice recognition system to achieve subsequent voice interaction. Through this technology, anyone can directly say the preset wake-up words facing the device in any environment, at any time, whether in the near field or the far field, and can activate the recognition engine of the product, so as to truly realize the whole process of touch free voice interaction

in addition to saying that a single wake-up word realizes wake-up, a more natural, convenient and technically more challenging interaction method is to bring wake-up words into the continuous flow to realize the effect of wake-up products and control at the same time

at present, Lingyun voice wake-up solution has a very wide range of applications in smart terminals such as home, television, robots, etc., such as shouting when the indoor light is turned off: Xiaoling, turn on the light. At this time, the light will automatically light up. When you leave, shout: Xiao Ling, turn off the light. The light turns off automatically; When you can't find it, you can directly shout hello, Xiao Ling, where do you wake it up and ring, which is its relative basis and main function

Lingyun voice wake-up has the current leading technical level, and can also be used on intelligent vehicle mounted devices. Before that, the intelligent vehicle must be turned on manually, and voice interaction can be carried out after turning on, while Lingyun voice wake-up will omit the starting process, directly shout Xiaoling when powered on, and turn on the on-board device will automatically turn on and wait for the next instruction; In smart home, Lingyun voice wake-up is even more essential. TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner and other smart home devices need to wake up first to realize voice interaction function; The question and answer function of the robot is indispensable

Lingyun intelligent voice one-stop voice interaction solution

professional voice technology companies such as Jietong Huasheng and iFLYTEK have been committed to the research and application of intelligent voice interaction technology. In the past two years, new entrepreneurial teams have continued to join, and domestic and foreign IT giants have also increased the research of intelligent voice. The core voice technology has gradually become mature, and began to combine with cars, household appliances, etc., giving birth to intelligent terminals. As a device that serves the public in the IT industry and manufacturing industry, intelligent terminals are loved by the public and have a broad market prospect. The most direct significance of intelligent voice interaction for intelligent terminals is to make intelligent terminals truly intelligent. No matter how technologically advanced the brand is, or how friendly the human-computer interaction interface is, it is not as simple and direct as intelligent voice interaction control. When all brands and products enter people's closely related daily life with the concept of intelligent control, it is necessary to have a process of learning and adaptation, while voice is not required. All our daily communication, behavior habits, language and voice have become a part of people's thinking. Therefore, if intelligent terminals can be integrated with voice interaction, the intelligent terminal industry may usher in an epoch-making breakthrough

for a long time, iFLYTEK, nuance and other voice technology companies have been trying to develop the intelligent hardware market, but intelligent hardware products cannot meet the market demand because of the unsatisfactory voice interaction experience in many scenarios. The main reason is that they are limited by many repetitive and miscellaneous factors such as manual startup, background noise, echo, reverberation, empty interactive content, which leads to obvious pain points such as short recognition distance and low recognition rate, Until these problems are solved, intelligent hardware voice interaction will always be a short board. In view of this, Jietong Huasheng launched Lingyun intelligent terminal solutions including Lingyun voice wake-up, Lingyun far-field voice recognition, Lingyun intelligent voice, Lingyun intelligent semantics, and Lingyun content platform. This set of solutions is the most comprehensive and complete intelligent voice interaction solution in China, which will greatly promote the application of intelligent voice interaction technology in real-life scenes

intelligent terminals first need to wake up by Lingyun voice before further interaction. Terminals without wake-up function will not be able to continue to use voice interaction to control. When the device is woken up, Lingyun's far-field speech recognition ability will show its great power. It is conceivable that based on the long-distance and high recognition rate support of Lingyun's far-field speech recognition, users can easily control almost all intelligent hardware devices at home through speech within the activity range of the family. By extension, intelligent hardware products equipped with far-field recognition will infinitely expand the scope of application and application scenarios. The timely emergence of Lingyun content platform adds more than 30 kinds of content support for intelligent terminals, such as weather consultation, calendar query, train query, flight query, restaurant location query, dialing, number search, SMS sending and receiving, music and video playback control, navigation, vehicle instructions, which fundamentally changes the disadvantage that voice interaction of intelligent terminals can only give orders

in 2015, China's imports of aluminum ore and its concentrate from Malaysia increased by 638.38% year-on-year. In 2014, in order to facilitate domestic intelligent terminal manufacturers, integrators and developers such as intelligent vehicle and smart home to better use the full range of artificial intelligence capabilities of Lingyun platform (), Jietong Huasheng specially launched an intelligent terminal interaction scheme for enterprise developers: Lingyun seed. Lingyun seed strengthens the integration of various artificial intelligence technologies of Lingyun omni-directional artificial intelligence platform, including Lingyun speech recognition, speech synthesis, semantic understanding, voiceprint recognition, face recognition, fingerprint recognition and other omni-directional artificial intelligence. At this time, it can click the rise or fall on the machine to turn off the intelligent interaction ability, and provide a simple and easy-to-use development interface for the integrated call of various intelligent terminals such as smart home, vehicle and so on, Realize free communication and control between people and terminal equipment in various ways. Through the application of Lingyun seed, enterprise developers can easily realize a variety of human-computer interaction functions, such as intelligent voice interaction, intelligent voice navigation, intelligent voice control, voiceprint unlocking, handwriting input, intelligent image recognition, security identity authentication, and meet the extensive and multi-directional needs of various industries such as smart home, smart car, smart home appliances, robots and wearable devices for the application of artificial intelligence technology

it is reported that Lingyun voice wake-up technology is about to be applied to Lingyun seeds. Lingyun platform will also successively launch voice noise reduction, echo cancellation, sound source orientation and other capabilities, constantly providing new technologies for intelligent terminals in all walks of life, and promoting China's intelligent terminal industry to enter a new and truly intelligent era

Lingyun platform services intelligent terminal win-win cooperation

Lingyun platform () is the first all-round artificial intelligence open platform launched by Jietong Huasheng in 2011. In order to promote the wide application of artificial intelligence industry, Lingyun platform has been fully open to the industry since its launch. Partners, including individual developers, can obtain technical capabilities such as intelligent voice, intelligent image, intelligent semantics and biometrics through Lingyun platform

in order to better serve partners in various fields of intelligent terminals, Jietong Huasheng has established branches and offices across the country, especially in Guangzhou and Shenzhen in southern China, where the economy is developed and the innovation is strong. It has unique advantages in the R & D and innovation of intelligent vehicles, smart homes, robots, and wearable devices. In order to provide more direct support and help to the vast number of partners in South China, Jietong Huasheng set up branches in Shenzhen, Xiamen and other places in 2015, aiming to strengthen cooperation with smart terminal manufacturers in South China, such as smart car and smart home, by relying on the Lingyun platform and using the comprehensive AI technology capabilities of Lingyun platform, such as smart voice, smart image and semantic understanding, as well as rich and perfect intelligent terminal interaction solutions, Give play to the advantages of R & D and production of intelligent terminal equipment in South China, and expect to promote the development and progress of China's intelligent terminal industry through sincere cooperation with partners in various fields, mutual benefit and win-win results

for the future development, Jietong Huasheng will continue to rely on the artificial intelligence research force of Tsinghua University, and focus on the promotion and application of the research and industrialization of artificial intelligence technologies such as unqualified conductor materials and intelligent voice. It will sincerely cooperate with partners to jointly create a good artificial intelligence industry ecosystem, jointly promote the development and progress of China's artificial intelligence industry, and make due contributions to the development of China's artificial intelligence industry

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