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Jifei released 2019 P-Series plant protection UAV to talk about the small trend of "not forgetting old customers"

[global UAV channel Zhao Hanqing] on December 14, 2018, Jifei technology held the 2018 xaac annual conference with the theme of "the future of digital agriculture". At the meeting, 2019 P20 and P30 plant protection UAVs and Jixia mapping UAVs were released. Jifei also said that "old users will not be forgotten". The old P20 UAV can also choose to upgrade services and some hardware. At the meeting, many experts introduced their views on the industry

"minor modification" p20/p30 plant protection UAV

Jifei did not release a new UAV platform, but released 2019 models of P20 and P30 plant protection UAVs. All modules and structures of the new P series UAV are IP67 waterproof, which can be washed directly, and the disassembly and maintenance will not affect the waterproof performance

the structure of the new P series UAV has also been strengthened and optimized. It is said that it is more robust and collision resistant. After the collision, the arm can also better protect the main structure of the fuselage through "three-level stress release". Jifei said that it prefers firmness in the balance between firmness and portability, but this time the arm of the P series UAV can be disassembled with simple tools, which can reduce the transportation cost by 50%

the new P series UAV is also more intelligent. The precision of the ground simulation radar at the bottom is improved, and it is said that it can fly accurately according to the height of the page; Obstacle avoidance radars are added to the front, back, left and right, and there is also a sky eye obstacle avoidance system in front, which is said to be more intelligent to avoid obstacles

because the UAV is more intelligent, Jifei also released an acs1 joystick that is as simple as a TV remote control. Ordinary farmers can use it to take off and land drones and carry out simple manual intervention. Of course, the take-off operation also requires professionals to authorize it through the back clip

the medicine box of the new UAV is also equipped with a liquid level sensor, which can more accurately sense the remaining amount of medicine. Therefore, the new medicine filling machine has been simplified, and the flowmeter is no longer required. The price of the new medicine filling machine is 1999 yuan

the redundancy of the electronic system of the new P-Series UAV has also been improved, with three Imus, and the positioning system has also realized the three redundancy of two-way RTK plus a set of GNSS. In addition, after the complete failure of the positioning system, the attitude maintenance time is also increased from 60 seconds to 600 seconds (10 minutes)

the maximum spraying efficiency of 2019 P-Series UAV has also been improved. The flow rate has been increased from 2.7 L/min to 5.6 L/min, and the maximum flight speed limit has been relaxed from 8 m/s to 12 m/s. It is said that the maximum spraying rate of P30 has reached 210 mu/h. This maximum air spraying efficiency is calculated based on the flow rate of 2.8l/min, the dosage of 800ml/mu, the spraying amplitude of 4m, and the flight speed of 9.7m/s. However, Pengbin, CEO of Jifei, also reminded that this is the maximum value of flight performance. Too high speed will affect the penetration of the liquid medicine. The actual operation parameters need to be adjusted according to the situation of diseases and pests in the field to achieve the best operation effect

p20 can be equipped with 8L or 10L medicine boxes. The price of standard version is 34999 yuan, and that of high-end version is 39999 yuan; The P30 can be equipped with two kinds of medicine boxes, 12L or 16L. The standard version is 44999 yuan, and the high-end version is 54999 yuan. The standard version does not have a sky eye obstacle avoidance system and radars on both sides, but it is also equipped with front and rear obstacle avoidance radars

it is said that the new P-Series UAV has reduced many costs from the battery. The charging speed of the new battery is faster, and there is a cooling fan on the charger, which no longer requires cooling time. The batteries used in P20 can be fully charged in 22 minutes, and a set costs 2600 yuan; The P30 battery takes only 30 minutes, and a set costs 3500 yuan; The price of the new charger is 2999 yuan. It is reported that a 2019 P-Series UAV will only need 4 sets of batteries and 2 chargers

the 4600wh energy storage charger can also be used to charge the battery for Outfield operation. It is quieter and more convenient than the fuel generator, and the price is 7999 yuan. It can charge 8 sets of P20 batteries or 6 sets of P30 batteries at a time

you can also not buy it. Because there are many experimental machines for wood-based panels on the market, I copied his fixture and bought and rented only Jifei's battery. The "power worry free plan" includes 4 sets of batteries and 2 chargers. A set of P20 is 8000 yuan a year, and a set of P30 is 9000 yuan a year. When renting batteries, there is no need to consider the problems such as service life and obsolescence except for a series of problems caused by components

in addition, Jifei also released a mapping UAV: Jixia xmission multi-functional unmanned flight system, which can carry a mapping camera (3999 yuan), multi spectral camera (7999 yuan) and other functional modules to take photos and remote sensing mapping above farmland. The price of Jixia is 9999 yuan, and it is equipped with a data processing terminal of 4999 yuan. It is said that the Orthophoto Image of farmland and the prescription map of farmland operation can be generated with one click in 10 minutes to assist the plant protection UAV in the planning of route and operation

"don't forget your old customers"

the after-sales guarantee of Jifei has also been upgraded, and the "full warranty service" has been launched. All damage to the UAV can be guaranteed and unlimited, and a spare parts package worth 7000 yuan has been delivered. If the spare parts are damaged, they can be replaced by Jifei

2019 P20 users can buy "full coverage service" with 4500 yuan, while P30 users need 5000 yuan. It is worth mentioning that users of the old P-Series UAV can also spend money to upgrade the original "worry free plan" to "full coverage service"

old users who have reached the service life of the battery or want to experience fast charging can also upgrade the original battery to a fast charging cell. Upgrade P20 cell 1500 yuan, P30 cell 1800 yuan. It's much cheaper than buying new batteries. In addition, the hardness scale of some old P-Series UAV pumps can also be upgraded to the new level

Peng bin, CEO of Jifei, said that they believe that the plant protection UAV should be a durable labor tool with a life span of at least 3 years. They are trying to preserve the value of old products, so as to better promote it. Moreover, the vast majority of users do not want to crash planes and take good care of their labor tools, so the "full coverage service" will not incur excessive expenses

Peng bin believes that it is unrealistic for drones to open 4S stores everywhere like cars, so he plans to provide after-sales services in a more modular and easier way to replace parts, strive to solve after-sales maintenance in the field, and make its operation no more complicated than changing car tires

At the press conference of the "small trend" of plant protection unmanned aerial vehicles, Gong Qiqin, co-founder of Jifei, also introduced a new term: small trend. He believes that the plant protection UAV industry is still a small trend, and 99% of people do not know that spraying pesticides with UAVs can save water and medicine; 50000 practitioners account for less than one tenth of the total productive population. But the small trend is also leveraging the big trend. Less than one in ten thousand practitioners have automated 5% of the country's farmland. This 99% of people who do not know the benefits of plant protection drones also eat food managed by drones

Gong Qiqin revealed that at present, Jifei has more than 20000 plant protection UAVs operating worldwide. However, Peng Bin said in the media interview that the market is still far from saturated. He believes that there are 680000 administrative villages in the country. In the future, each village may deploy drones, which will be the market size of 10000

ant financial services to promote the growth of overall strength. Chen Liang, vice president of the group, is also optimistic about the future of plant protection UAVs. He introduced that the internal data of ant and Alibaba do not support the idea of "consumption degradation" on the Internet. Instead, he found that "consumption classification". Third, fourth and fifth tier cities and rural areas are upgrading consumption, and their expenditure level is narrowing the gap with the first and second tier cities. The cooperation between ant and Jifei has led many people to start businesses back home. He believes that this will bring more imagination and possibilities to China's rural agriculture in the future

Huang Weidong, President of Bayer crop science Greater China, also believes that the plant protection UAV market is now in the recovery stage and will enter a steady development in the future. He believes that the rise of any new thing will experience a period of twists and turns, that is, after the rapid rise, it will enter a trough due to negativity, but now the plant protection UAV has passed the trough

Professor LAN Yubin, who is quite prestigious in the field of precision agriculture, also expressed his optimism about the plant protection UAV industry. He introduced that this year, the country has selected the plant protection UAV as the sixth largest new equipment among the "ten new equipment in China's agricultural and rural areas". The plant protection UAV has played a great role in the serious pest disaster in Shaanxi, and has attracted the attention of the central government. At present, China has two key plans to do front-end research related to agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles

in the trot, the plant protection UAV has become more and more intelligent, perfect and easy to use, and has also been more recognized. What changes will UAV technology bring to agriculture in the future? The global UAV channel will continue to pay attention

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