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On September 12, 2020 China (Shenzhen) international automotive electronics industry annual meeting and the Sixth China Automotive Electronics Science and technology award ceremony were held in Shenzhen when the load could not rise any more. Jietong Huasheng Lingyun intelligent vehicle input method won the 2019 Automotive Electronic Science and Technology Award - excellent innovative product award. In order to adapt to the requirements of the new development and utilization situation, the China Automotive Electronics Science and technology award, organized and sponsored by Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Association, is one of the most anticipated and influential awards in the automotive electronics industry nationwide. It aims to reward units that have made outstanding contributions to the scientific research, technological innovation, promotion and application of scientific and technological achievements, high-tech industrialization and major engineering construction in the automotive electronics field Personal and excellent single control products with slow response

Lingyun intelligent vehicle input method is a vehicle input product launched by Jietong Huasheng for automobile manufacturers and vehicle system integrators. It integrates speech recognition, handwriting recognition and keyboard recognition, and provides users with a faster and safer way of information entry

accurate speech recognition

Lingyun vehicle input method applies the latest speech recognition technology of Jietong Huasheng, and the Mandarin recognition rate can reach 98%. It also specially optimizes the driving environment noise, which can better deal with tire noise, wind noise, engine noise, recognize user instructions more accurately, and improve the human-computer interaction experience

fluent handwriting input

Lingyun intelligent vehicle input method is equipped with handwriting recognition technology developed by Jietong Huasheng for many years, which supports continuous writing, line writing and overlapping writing, and the recognition rate of continuous writing and no stroke order is more than 98%, helping drivers input information quickly and accurately

keyboard input enriches POI data

Lingyun intelligent vehicle input method optimizes POI data such as national place names, institutional units and catering services for special automobile scenes, and intelligently recommends candidate words. At the same time, through word frequency adjustment, it is close to users' habits

at present, Lingyun intelligent vehicle input method has successfully served hundreds of domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, BYD, Geely, as well as many vehicle navigation equipment manufacturers such as Hangsheng, kasoda, chengjitong, etc., bringing safe and comfortable vehicle experience to tens of millions of drivers

this time, Lingyun intelligent vehicle input method won the excellent innovative product award, which is the recognition and encouragement of the automotive industry to Jietong Huasheng. Jietong Huasheng will also continue to optimize and innovate technology, create smarter, safer and more convenient vehicle input products and solutions, and work with partners to build a multimodal interactive intelligent cockpit to bring users a more comfortable operating experience

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